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Not flushing hard enough.

28 Jan

A wonderful reader of ours suggested we tackle this problem. And we were glad to.

Let’s face it: sometimes you need to do #2 at work. It happens and it’s nothing to be ashamed about. It’s not like you’re sneaking off for a naughty #3 in the middle of the afternoon.

But here’s something you should be ashamed of: not making sure that all the evidence of your urgently-dropped deuce went out with the water.

Look, I know that some toilets are low-flow. I get that maybe you ate a bit too much. I understand that you didn’t mean to leave traces of your tactical turd-strike.

But I can’t be okay with you leaving little bits of poop in the toilet. Just floating there like that thick suspension of strange particles in miso soup.

Seriously, this needs to stop.