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25 Feb

On a recent trip to the local grocer, we came across this sign advertising “Celebrity Goat Cheese”. A quick google search has lead us to believe that this is in fact false advertising as there are no living famous goats we could come across who would be producing such a product.

Sure you’ve got the Billy Goats Gruff, but they are fictitious and therefore unable to produce the necessary resources to produce goat cheese.

You’ve also got William Windsor. A goat who served as lance corporal in the 1st Battalion, the Royal Welsh, an infantry battalion of the British Army. Yes. A GOAT. Served in the army. Fear not. He has since retired and I’m sure has some maids brushing his beard each night. Regardless. Famous army goats would never agree to make cheese.

Left - William Windsor

So you’re left with only two options
1) This is a huge farce and people are being charged $7.99 for a large log of Celebrity Goats Cheese that they’ve been duped into believeing is William Windsors OR

2) Kelly Clarkson has hit the jackpot. Kelly Clarkson you say? WELL turns out the former American Idol winner received a goat for Christmas. Given that record sales aren’t what they used to be she

Left - Billy Joel Right - Kelly Clarkson

figured she would exploit her new bearded friend and convince him that he could enter the world of fame through peoples bellies. Being the sucker that we can only assume he is, he agreed. And now his logs are being sold at a premium price. I’ll put money on the fact that that cash isn’t going to his college savings fund.