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Celebrity Spotting – Honeymoon Edition

26 Jul

I was lucky enough to just wrap up the best month of my life hands down. Had friends visiting from near and far, got married and went on a kick ass honeymoon.

Our honeymoon destination was a bit untraditional but we like to shake things up so we went to California.

While we weren’t on a star-seeking adventure, California is just spewing famous people that we happened to come across. So I figured I would share some of those with you!

Our first stop was Catalina Island. Yes. Home of the CATALINA WINE MIXER. I’m fairly certain that Step Brothers was not actually filmed on Catalina Island but an episode of The Bachelor was so there’s that.

Catalina Island is UNREAL. Super small, incredibly gorgeous and super relaxing. The seafood is fresh and the California wine was delectable.

One night after an incredible dinner we headed to the local karaoke bar (as you do) and took in some of the wonderful talent Catalina has to offer… Ok there was only one talent and his name was Troy. And he sang EVERY SONG. Except for when two guys rapped Candy Shop. You get the picture.

Anyway as we sit there I turn around to see a guy who looked famous but he also looked like every other surfer dude in California so I didn’t say anything. Next thing you know Troy is singing a Foo Fighters song and The Husband realizes it was Taylor Hawkins, former Alanis Morrisette drummer and current Foo Fighters rock star.

This is as close to Kurt Cobain as The Husband is ever getting so this was a big thing. The next morning bright and early we spot Taylor shirts off getting his day started off right. As The Husband was being respectful of Taylor’s family vacay he chose to shoot creepy paparazzo pics of his back instead….

We made our way back to the mainland where Whitney Port was having a sample sale. I scored the jackpot in the husband department because the second we plugged the GPS into our rental we were off to the Fashion District of LA. I did not expect Whitney Port to be there but sure enough there she was.

Scrap everything you think about ditzy reality stars  when it comes to her because Whitney Port is getting it done. Her office is huge and beautiful, she’s got quite a handful of employees and a crap load of gorgeous clothes. She was chatting with girls shopping and both of her sisters were working with her and she was anything but caught up in the fact that she also moonlights as a TV personality and seriously concerned about the well being of her business. I was incredibly impressed.

So now I’m only 2 degrees of separation from Lauren Conrad and 1 from Whitney Port. Sweeet.

We skipped down to San Diego and stumbled upon Comic-Con. Stumbled being a term I use loosely as it’s hard not to notice flocks of people dressed as Storm Troopers. Anywhoo we cruised around to find that the Vampire Diaries Panel had just wrapped and tons of teeny boppers were loosing their beans over the cast coming out.

Nina Dobrev gave the fans no love, but Ian Somerhalder was all about them. He took pics and when he got on the bus smooched the window and hammed it up. Kudos to him. I get that in public doing your thing you don’t want to be bugged, but Nina wouldn’t BE on TV if it weren’t for these kids ( Especially one Tara Wilcox) loving her. Give the kids a smile Nina!

Anyway check out The Husbands pics. He was pretty tickled that he was tall enough to get to take them.

Anyone remember How to Make it in America? We’ve got Lake Bell her hugging it out with the fans.

And lasty Emmy Rosum. I always think she’s Anne Hathaway…but alas.

While dining in San Diego we also saw David Hasselhoff but the camera was not ready. Sadly the Hoff is significantly skinnier in real life than one would expect. The age of the girl he was with however, was exactly what you’d expect.

The Husband and I next took in Disneyland. Would you get at that Winnie The Pooh trying to be all coy? That willy nilly silly old bear never got close enough for a hug. Oh bother.

The fun continued with a trip to The Price is Right. We couldn’t bring our camera’s in but we were seated in the front row and Drew Carey did not disappoint. He looks better than he ever has and he is a comedic genius. We didn’t get to “Come On Down” but we did get this sweet pic. Don’t mind the quality folks.

So that wraps up Celebrity-Spotting Honeymoon edition!


Are Whitney Port and Ben Nemtin over? Yes they are.

7 Jun

Update: In Touch Weekly and Perez Hilton are now both confirming that Whitney and Ben have indeed split. Celebuzz (where Whitney hosts her website) confirmed to me last week that the photo of the guy in the post below plays for the other team. So clearly we don’t have him to blame for this. But check out the post to see why our gut feeling on this one was right. Sad sad sad.

Now I realize this is the fluffiest of the fluff. But recently my spidey senses have been tingling and I fear that my favourite MTV couple Whitney Port and Ben Nemtin have split.

Ben Nemtin and Whitney Port. Get cuter!

For those of you who aren’t in the loop Whitney Port was Lauren Conrad’s office mate and confidante on The Hills. After proving that she was more than just a pretty face – and an amazing head of hair – Whitney got her own show, The City. The City chronicled her move from LA to New York where she pursued her dream of becoming a fashion designer. On the show Whitney’s squeaky clean image earned her little luck in the love department. Her relationship with Tamarama singer Jay bit the dust and our dear little Whitney was left to keep her eye on the prize. Her clothing line.

Lucky for her she struck gold and Whitney Eve has done exceptionally well. Along with a hot collection, Whitney also penned the book “True Whit” which is a guide to 20 – something women transitioning from college to the real working world. Whitney always seemed extremely grounded and determined to earn her place in the fashion world by working hard instead of leaking topless pictures of herself. In a world full of terrible role models Whitney is someone young women can look up to and relate to.

Next we have Ben Nemtin. Ben is from Victoria, BC and along with three of his University friends filmed a documentary called “The Buried Life”. The premise was that these four guys would travel across North America in a purple bus named “Penelope” and check things off their list of 100 things to do before they die. But rather than just complete these tasks, they also connect with people along the way and help them complete one of the things on their list. They have done everything from built skate parks to reuniting a homeless man with his daughter.

The show got picked up by MTV in 2009 in an effort to shift away from the otherwise smutty content. The Buried Life boys are changing lives across North America and are incredibly adorable to boot. Oh yea, did we mention they’re Canadian? What’s not to love!

SO you can only image my excitement when these two MTV starlets crossed paths and started canoodling in front of the cameras. Pictures were popping up everywhere of the duo and Whitney was more than happy to post picture of Ben at Port family events on her blog. They seemed to be the perfect match.  Tall, gorgeous, hard working and also used to the crazy schedule that filming a television show brings.

Now we come back to my spidey senses.  Lately I’ve noticed that Whitney has been out on the town an awful lot. She is frequently

Picture posted on Whit's blog, June 2nd. That boy is NOT Ben Nemtin. That is a boy with something to hide.

tweeting about the next girls night out and recently posted a picture of her locked arms with a Justin-Bobby lookalike. So where is Benny? The Buried Life is filming right now so obviously Ben is on the road, but something is not right.

Last night was the icing on the cake. The 2011 MTV Movie awards. All of young Hollywood’s finest come out to play – especially the kids of MTV. Ben Nemtin tweeted “Heading to mtv movie awards. Goin w this guy.” But no, it wasn’t Whitney it was one of the Buried Life boys. WHERE IS WHITNEY?

The awards show was held at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California. A mere hop, skip and jump from her home. Not to mention Whitney being in the fashion industry, loves an opportunity to get her name out there, and show off Ben as her arm candy. But she was nowhere to be found last night.

This can only mean one thing. They’ve broken up. I’ve Googled my little heart out and found nothing. I’m not sure why I care so much but I guess it’s because it was nice to finally see two people putting their fame to good use and not behaving like donkeys.

So what do you think? Do bad schedules and lack of on-camera appearances have me jumping to conclusions? Or am I sadly right on this one. One thing is for sure. If Whitney has left the lovely Ben Nemtin for the musical stylings of Tamarama’s Jay – she needs to call me, and we need to talk this one through.

A new plea to Joe Zee – Saving Lauren Conrad

7 Feb

It was announced that Lauren Conrad’s new show being filmed for MTV has been scrapped. MTV didn’t feel that the show in it’s existing state would please audiences as it focused on Lauren’s career as a newbie fashion designer. Conrad felt that by keeping the camera’s out of her personal life, she could focus on sharing her passion with the world and offer more to her viewers than her latest boy-drama.

Unfortunately both Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port of Hills fame have suffered a similar fate. Whitney started her own fashion line and captured it on MTV’s The City. Just as her line was ramping up, the show was dropped. Rumour had it that MTV found it too boring. Not enough boozing and drama to keep the show going.

If someone were smart they would be jumping at the opportunity to pick up Lauren Conrad’s show. The girl is a best selling author, and successful designer. People obviously care about what she does. Young girls today need great role models. Role models who will make them dream about working hard and becoming successful in their own right instead of aspiring to live the life of a bar star whose 15 minutes of fame will be gone as soon as the latest US Weekly hits newstands.

This leads me to my next plea to Joe Zee. Help save Lauren Conrad’s show. Help the Sundance Channel become the place that allows reality tv to spread beyond the trash, and gets viewers inspired by the personalities we’ve grown to love. MTV may not think their viewers are intelligent enough to bring in ratings, but they’ve created a star in Lauren Conrad. Where she goes, we will follow.