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First World Problems – Everything is Amazing and Nobody is Happy

18 Mar

OK, I know what you are thinking and yes it’s true, sometimes I whine and complain about things that really don’t matter. But how about this, how about we stop feeling sorry for ourselves when we are forced to wait over 5 minutes for our latte at Starbucks. Or what if next time our flight was delayed , instead of losing our cool and acting like we have just suffered the greatest injustice of all time, we remember that not so long people had to take covered wagons to get where they were going. And better still, let’s take a moment and recognize the fact that if you are reading this, you have internet and a computer and therefore you are already doing better then millions of other people on this planet.

I think this would be a good time for a reality check – and I know just the person to help – Ben Boudreau, he just took part in an amazing project with War Child. I encourage everyone to take a few minutes and visit Ben’s blog (go ahead, we won’t be offended, but maybe just wait and do it after you finish here).

Don’t get me wrong, I know we all have our moments but I think that maybe instead of obsessing over our first world problems ,we focus on how everything is amazing all of the time. I think this video sums it up quite nicely & I know many of you may have already seen this but I think it’s worth a second look. (Thanks to Jon McGinley for showing me this video – it made my day!)