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Today in Music History – Lil’ Twiz Is Born

11 Feb

February 11th 1990, Lil’ Twiz was born in Vancouver BC and was a long awaited addition to the Creamer household. A joyful baby, named after a cabbage patch doll, Lil Twiz’ always had a love for music.

1994 was the year that changed everything for Lil’ Twiz. The Lion King came into theatres with an epic soundtrack from Elton John. She memorized every song and pretended to be a lion for the next 4 years while performing each act to perfection. Finally giving up on the dream of marrying Scar (The Evil Lion) her love turned to the Spice Girls where she one first place in a lip syncing contest for her performance as Baby Spice.

At age 13 Lil’ Twiz finally got her break and recorded a 3 song demo with the hit heard all across Bedford, “Get your ass on the dance floor”.

Left to Right: "Luke", Lil' Twiz, Big Twiz

Then one star crossed afternoon on the ferry to Prince Edward Island, Lil Twiz and her sister encountered Chris Carmack (aka Luke from The OC.)

Both girls were too shy to approach The OC stud so their Dad went over and broke the ice. Turns out Luke was a big fan of hip hop music and had some profound advice to give the young budding star. “Get a grill. All awesome rappers have grills.”

Since then her life has never been the same.

So Happy Birthday Lil’ Twiz!!! We think you’re The Bees Knees!!


Fall from Grace: JTT

19 Jan

If any of you have ever picked up a copy of Teen Beat in the early 90’s chances are you knew who Jonathan Taylor Thomas was and had pictures of him plastered all over your walls. I’m not going to lie, I spent hours in my bedroom staring at his picture becoming so enthralled with him that I brought his picture to camp with me and put it up in my bunk.

Playing Randy in Home Improvement, Simba in The Lion King, and Jake Wilkinson in I’ll Be Home for Christmas, JTT was the hottest thing going in young Hollywood. Continue reading