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If you Wannabe nostalgic…

6 Jun

So over the weekend I got an amazing singing birthday card featuring the cast of High School Musical. Now I realize that High School Musical is really not my vintage but as a sucker for all things Family Channel I must admit I’ve seen them all.

This card sparked an interesting conversation: Things we collected as children. As a kid we all had something that we became a tad obsessed with and held near and dear to our hearts. For some it was hockey cards, others it was My Little Pony, and for the young celeb-obssesed children like myself it was Spice Girls memorabilia.

An entire, sealed box of Spice Girls gum.

Because the Spice Girls were an international phenomenon, there was, of course, a wide variety of collectables that came along with them. Chuppa Chup’s really cashed in on a collection of lolipops which Baby Spice was always seen eating, but my personal favourite was their Spice Girls bubble gum.

One day, while shopping at a local British grocer, I came across Spice Girls bubble gum. Now beyond the novelty of just being named after the famed group, each piece of gum came with a Spice Girls sticker. Think Double Bubble but WAY cooler. My love for collecting these stickers started off slowly. My leftover change from buying things like “The Clapper” to turn my remote-less TV on and off went toward buying a couple of pieces a week, and the stickers were placed on binders and scribblers that I felt could use a little pizzaz.

Then one day it occurred to me. How would I ever have the complete collection of these stickers without making a major commitment? I needed to stop sticking stickers on things and get my act together. I inquired to said British grocer on how I could get my hands on an entire box of Spice Girls gum. He named his price and I started to go into overdrive to do chores earning some extra cash to purchase this sacred box of gum.

Hands down my favourite Spice Girls sticker.

Finally, after what felt like months of pinching pennies, the day had come when I could proudly walk into the store to buy my very own ENTIRE box of Spice Girls gum. Being the mildly neurotic child that I was, I opened every single piece of gum, removed the stickers, re-wrapped the gum, and organized my stickers by individual group member and group shots into a clear box meant for hardcore crafters. You know the ones I’m talking about, right? Mostly used for holding your gimp or thread to make sweet friendship bracelets?

So where is this sacred collection now you ask? Likely locked in the attic of my Mom’s house. Which is probably best as most of you don’t know where she lives and won’t flock to her house to catch a glimpse of this collection, now almost 15 years old and valued at over $10.00 US according to Ebay.

Today in Music History – Lil’ Twiz Is Born

11 Feb

February 11th 1990, Lil’ Twiz was born in Vancouver BC and was a long awaited addition to the Creamer household. A joyful baby, named after a cabbage patch doll, Lil Twiz’ always had a love for music.

1994 was the year that changed everything for Lil’ Twiz. The Lion King came into theatres with an epic soundtrack from Elton John. She memorized every song and pretended to be a lion for the next 4 years while performing each act to perfection. Finally giving up on the dream of marrying Scar (The Evil Lion) her love turned to the Spice Girls where she one first place in a lip syncing contest for her performance as Baby Spice.

At age 13 Lil’ Twiz finally got her break and recorded a 3 song demo with the hit heard all across Bedford, “Get your ass on the dance floor”.

Left to Right: "Luke", Lil' Twiz, Big Twiz

Then one star crossed afternoon on the ferry to Prince Edward Island, Lil Twiz and her sister encountered Chris Carmack (aka Luke from The OC.)

Both girls were too shy to approach The OC stud so their Dad went over and broke the ice. Turns out Luke was a big fan of hip hop music and had some profound advice to give the young budding star. “Get a grill. All awesome rappers have grills.”

Since then her life has never been the same.

So Happy Birthday Lil’ Twiz!!! We think you’re The Bees Knees!!