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The Bee’s Knees: My Drunk Kitchen

10 Jun

The kids from This Needs to Stop are no strangers to the occasional inebriated mishap in the kitchen. There have been “dangerous” grease fires. There have been chicken fingers thrown in a 450 degree oven at 3:30 AM only to be remembered 12 hours later. There have been flambĂ© experiments. You get a few drinks into you, you get hungry! It happens! And provided you don’t burn your apartment complex to the ground, drunk cooking can provide not only sustenance in these ravenous times, but also entertainment.

Recently we have discovered My Drunk Kitchen (just go to YouTube and search for My Drunk Kitchen and behold) – a series of videos dedicated to cooking while drunk. We love this girl! We want to hang out with her. We relate to her. Who hasn’t pounded two bottles of champagne while making chocolate chip cookies…errr, biscuits? Who doesn’t get belligerent and start cursing when they find out there’s no cheese to make a grilled cheese sandwich once you’re halfway done? *Guilty as charged*

Next Saturday afternoon when you have nothing to do, enjoy a couple bottles glasses of your favourite tipple, watch a few episodes of My Drunk Kitchen and get inspired to make some food! You don’t need to get the measurements right, you don’t need to be fussy about things like timers or what kind of pans you have. It’s OK when you’re drunk!

This Needs to Stop reminds you to DRINK RESPONSIBLY especially when operating a hot stove!!