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Internet’s Joel Kelly marks a quarter century

24 Feb

February is just full of birthdays for the TNTs crew. First Mr B turned the big 4 (which is 28 in dog years) and now our own Joel Kelly is turning the big 25 (if it makes you feel better Joel, you are younger then Mr B). So how does the internet’s hippest vegan celebrate his birthday…
1. He goes to work (because the internet doesn’t stop for anyone
2. He enjoys lunch at the Goggle with the lovely ladies of TNTs and his even lovelier girlfriend – Leah
3. He orders their cheapest bottle of wine
4. He demands presents
5. He will read two weeks worth of Savage Love in a very special public reading today @ 12:30pm at the Goggle

In honour of Internet’s Joel Kelly hitting the big quarter century, here is a video of his favourite song. Just remove the “ne” from Jolene and sing along. He likes it especially if you sing this song to or at him for extended periods. Just the chorus. Over and over. If you are fortunate enough to spot Internet’s Joel Kelly today, in lieu of Happy Birthday, he prefers to be serenaded Dolly Parton style. (Fast forward to the 35-second mark to skip the hillbilly preamble and get right to the goods)