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Deck The Halls With Holiday Fashion

27 Nov

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Holiday season is officially upon us and with the holidays come holiday parties!

If your calendar is looking anything like mine, it’s sprinkled with Sweater parties, office Christmas parties, lots of family functions, and of course, New Years Eve. Each one of these events requires a bit of holiday pizzaz which could end up stretching out your wallet at an already spend-happy time.

Here are a couple of my tips and trick sto keeping your wardrobe fresh over the holidays, while saving your pennies for the ones you love!

NYE & The Office Christmas Party:

These are likely the swankiest parties you’ll attend all year.  Dressing up is SUPER fun but requires you to whip out the duds you don’t wear too often and sometimes spending money on things that will collect dust after the holidays are over. First things first, shop in your own closet. Is there an outfit you wore a couple of years ago for NYE that you could repurpose at the Office Christmas Party this year or vice versa?

Do you have a super sparkly pair of shoes that could add the right pop of colour to an otherwise underwhelming outfit?

If you need to shop it’s important to focus on a couple of key pieces that you can mix and match together and reinvent yourself at every party!

If you need to start from scratch, of course my first piece of advice is to hit up your local consignment store.

These are a couple of amazing outfits that The Clothing Loft has for your shopping pleasure:




The Christmas Sweater Party:

This used to be the cheapest outfit of the holiday season but the popularity of Ugly Sweater Parties made these sweaters a bit of a hot commodity.

Our friends have an annual Christmas Sweater Christmas Party and the sweater collection of this group runs deep. If your friends do something similar, why not organize a pre-holiday sweater swap? You don’t have to swap for keeps, but this is a super cheap way to get a special gem for your next sweater party.

If that option is off the table, obviously second hand and consignment stores are the place to turn to. If you can’t land a deal there, Winners has turned up some beauties. Check our family holiday photo from last year!


Share your amazing holiday finds with me at @UsedToBeYoursFashion on Instagram!


The Art of The Shop

30 Oct

As Ice Cube once said, “Life ain’t a track meet, it’s a marathon”.  Sub “life” for “consignment shopping” and the same applies.

When I first started consignment shopping, it was quite overwhelming. No matter how organized a store is, the bottom line is there is ususally only one of everything, and that can feel chaotic.

It can also feel INSANELY rewarding when you find that thing that speaks to you, and fits you like a glove. It can also feel a bit deflating when you walk out empty handed. HOWEVER, the highs and the lows are frankly part of the journey to a fabulous closet you can love, and your bank account will thank you for.

So, this post is dedicated to the Art of the Shop. A how-to guide to get into someone else’s clothes! (By shopping, not looting obviously!)

Tip 1: Get to know your personal style. This may seem a bit obvious, but do you ever stare at your closet and complain that you have nothing to wear?  Well maybe your closet is just full of the wrong things. Sometimes your style evolves slowly and you haven’t really realized it. I used to hate flower prints and bows. Now I welcome them with open arms!

I also used to consider my style as “classic”.  Now I realize I like structure and classic shapes, but I love my pieces to have a bit of flare to them to make my outfits feel a bit special.

Tip 2: Be honest with yourself: Once you figure out your style, figure out the types of fabrics you love to wear. Do certain things make you itch like no tomorrow? Do you gravitate towards particular colours? Textures? Prints? Knowing all of these things will help you keep focus when going into a busy shop and adding things you simply won’t wear.


Sweater: The Clothing Loft, Skirt: My Mom’s semi-annual Clothes Exchange

Tip 3: Assess your closet: We all think we know what’s in our closet. But no matter the size, I bet there are things you forgot you had hiding in there. Before you venture out, take a look at what you’ve got. It will help you figure out where you think you have gaps. Jean skirts are coming back in, do you already have one from ages ago? Or can you add it to your wish-list? I recently got rid of a bunch of pants that didn’t fit me anymore and now I can re-stock when the right pair(s) come along!

Tip 4: Shop! Shop! Shop! Shop! Shop! Shop! (Everybody!): It’s time to go shopping. Like most good shopping trips, you need to give yourself TIME. Popping into a consignment store for 10 minutes will almost always end in heartache. Again, there is usually only one of everything and with the amount of pieces in any given store, you need to give yourself time to search.

I will admit – I’m not a digger. I loathe the idea of aimlessly searching for things I may never find. But this is where Tip 2 comes in handy! If you know the types of things you like, your eye will start to gravitate to fabrics and patterns you like and the chances of finding a gem get WAY higher!

Tip 5: Shop early, shop often: Now, I’m not saying become a shop-a-colic, but the key to consignment shopping is building it into your routine. Most stores add new items to their shop floors on a daily or weekly basis. Get to know the schedule of the shops you plan to frequent so you can get in on the hot new items when they arrive!

If you know you have something you need to add to your closet (special occasion, new coat etc…), make a consignment store your first stop. If you plan early, you can give yourself a couple of opportunities to go back and hopefully stumble across something perfect!

Remember, a fabulous closet doesn’t need to be on that is busting at the seams. It’s about having pieces that are uniquely YOU and that you’ll wear with pride.

Now, get shopping and show me what you find! Share pics @UsedToBeYoursFashion!