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The Unicorn Frap -Magically Delicious?

19 Apr

By: Sarah Creamer

Today I went to Starbucks but not for my regular order. Usually I get a Skinny Vanilla Latte ( half sweet with coconut milk), but today my order was going to be magical!

I heard through the grapevine a few weeks ago that Starbucks was coming out with a new Frappuccino. I avoid these as much as possible but today I caved and got one. Why? Because how do you resist something with the word “Unicorn” in it.

Yes, that’s right, they call this beautiful beverage “The Unicorn”. LOOK AT IT. The Frappuccino looks like a Unicorn! It’s purple & pink with a blue ribbon topped with whipped cream with blue and pink sprinkles. It’s almost too pretty to drink! The barista who made mine must have a degree in Frappuccino Making because mine looked like a beautiful masterpiece!



Where you from? You sexy thing.


So, what does it taste like?! When I asked the Barista what was in the Unicorn, this is what they told me: whole milk (all Frapps are made whole milk unless told otherwise), ice (to make it cold obviously), pink sugary stuff (this is exactly how it was described to me), mango syrup, blue white mocha base stuff (again exact description), whipped cream topped off with pink and blue sprinkle stuff. I was expecting the drink to taste really tart and sour but it wasn’t! It tasted like cotton candy which awesome because everyone knows cotton candy is the best.  But then something weird happened…

I never finish a Frappucchino. I always get way overwhelmed by how sugary they are and have to tap out half way through even if I’m drinking the smallest size. But I decided to stick this one out, mostly because I saw how much effort the guy making put in to this drink.

About half way through, I was reconsidering my life choices when all of sudden BAM, the flavor changed! It went from this amazing cotton candy flavor to this sweet tart flavor. Was it as good as cotton candy?  NOPE! Did I stop drinking after that?! NOPE! I continued to drink the entire drink in case there was another surprise in store, but alas, the flavor did not change again.

Sidenote: I also ate the sprinkles that were on top of the whipped cream and let me tell you, those things are sour!

All in all the Unicorn Frappucchino was not a huge disappointment. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to treat yo’self or is super in to sugary, magical, overpriced delicious-ness.


Introducing the Starbucks Trenta

27 Jan

Recently Starbucks launched it’s most grandiose beverage size yet. The Trenta. The Trenta comes in at a whopping 916ml which is just about enough to satisfy your coffee craving for life in one shot.

My initial reaction to this news was that it was just another marketing ploy to keep the Starbucks snobs happy. You who I mean. They stroll into their local Starbucks, bark out a six word Venti latte order, and walk out as if they’ve spent the day with a personal shopper at Chanel. ( FYI: Venti is not Italian for moneybags)

This large liquid monstrosity escaped my thoughts until I was sent an infographic that made me throw up in my mouth a little.

As you can see in the image below, the Starbucks Trenta holds more liquid than THE AVERAGE HUMAN STOMACH.

At a time where childhood obesity rates are higher then ever, I am disgusted that we are now going to show today’s kids that it’s ok to down a Trenta Orange Mocha Frappachino and sit on your butt while playing Farmville on Facebook until you’ve come out of your sugar / caffeine coma.

Despite the fact that I’m confident I could eat an entire party pizza on my own, I’m not waiting in line at Greco every day with an overinflated sense of entitlement to stuff my face full of pizza.

This needs to stop. We need to stop applauding companies for jumbo-sizing us to death. Starbucks needs to start promoting their Short sized bevy’s as a fun “mini” alternative. Everyone loves things that are mini. And newsflash. They’re better for you too. Everything in moderation as they say.