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Tyler Labine Is The New Chris Pratt

14 Apr

On Tuesday night I went to see the movie The Boss. Melissa McCarthy looked to take a turn back to the hilarious and Kristen Bell can do no wrong in my books.

What I didn’t realize was that Canada’s most important sea-faring sidekick, Tyler Labine (Jimmy Farrell) played Bell’s love interest.

As I sat getting charmed by Labine I realized it. He is the new Chris Pratt.  I had the same ah ha! moment about Chris Pratt in Zero Dark Thirty. One minute they were adorable funny guys that you may not think twice about, the next certified studs. This isn’t just about looks. The characters they played were not set up to be the winners. Not until now.

I tweeted my revelation and this happened:

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.36.30 PM

I’ve accepted this challenge but I refused to take it lightly. I’m not just going for lookalikes here. This person had to be the complete package.

48 hours have passed and as I sat watching the Jays game thinking about the type of snack I’d request if I were in the dugout, I realized who it was. (PS My dugout snack would be a bag of popcorn with  Skittles mixed in it.)

Before I reveal who I landed on, first let me take a moment to explore some bizarre connections I’ve uncovered while doing my research.

When I finished school and moved back to Vancouver I took to doing extra work in movies and TV shows to make some extra cash. My first extra role was in the Diablo Coady movie Jennifer’s Body. I was a little to wrapped up in Adam Brody to know Chris Pratt was also in the same film.


Flash forward to a couple of weeks later, I worked on a show called Reaper starring none other than Tyler Labine! This particular fact was not lost on me at the time of filming. Unfortunately no photographic evidence of that cameo is available at this time but trust that it happened.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get back to the matter at hand. WHO IS THE NEW TYLER LABINE?!

I present you with, Matt Lowe. Matt Lowe played “Meatball” in Hart of Dixie. Meatball went from affable yokel to winning the the lust of Bluebell’s finest Belle, Lemon Breeland. They had a steamy affair that she kept secret, but even Lemon knew the potential. The show ended and the next thing I know he’s in a Milkbone commercial acting as an adorable doggy Dad. Consider me sold.

Much like the forefathers to come before him, he’s got a sense of humour, piercing eyes, and a smile that will make your heart melt.

Hang tight Meatball, you’ll be a leading man before you know it.

See the succession below. I dare you to disagree.

Chris Pratt, The Original Chris Pratt


Tyler Labine, The New Chris Pratt


Matt Lowe, The New Tyler Labine





The Bee’s Knees – Hanson Plays Halifax

1 May

Just a days ago my long time friend Ben Boudreau (@yelphalifax / @Bboudreau) Tweeted me the best news I’ve been tweeted in a seriously long time, if not ever.

Hanson. Is coming. To Halifax.

When I moved to Nova Scotia in Grade 5 I recall a girl in my class with an orange CD that she’d bring to class. This was of course Hanson’s breakout album “Middle of Nowhere” that the smash hit “Mmmbop” came from. Then I remember hanging out at my older cousins that summer and they introduced me to the Much Music Countdown. Were they boys? Were they girls? Who cared. I was obsessed.

After a hugely successful Christmas album called “Snowed In” Hanson fell off the radar and quickly reemerged with “This Time Around” in 2000.

Then, my favourite Hanson album came out in 2004. Underneath. If you were to look at my iPod right now you would find about 5 different versions of “Penny & Me”. I listened to this album on repeat for almost an entire flight across Canada one time. I was angsty. I had a lot of emotions. (The way back I believe had me listening to Snow Patrol on repeat – surely whoever sat next to me on that flight dealt with a crying hot mess.)

I digress. I obviously don’t need to regurgitate Hanson’s discography to you, but it is INCREDIBLY important to note that HANSON IS COMING TO HALIFAX. This is not only important because finally I will get to see these boys that I loved so very much as a teeny bopper, but I will be one degree of separation closer to Gossip Girl. WTF you say? Well, Hanson had a track in the season Premiere of Gossip Girl last year. If they’re relevant enough for Gossip Girl they’re relevant enough for me.

So now begins my quest. Can I get Hanson to do a “Bee’s Knee’s” segment for This Needs to Stop? I’m sure as hell going to try my hardest.

Knut the Eisbar

22 Mar

One day a couple of years ago I found myself googling “cute baby animals” and stumbled across a video of an adorable baby polar bear. At the time I didn’t know anything about him and I found myself looking into who this little Eisbar (polar bear in German) was. As it turned out it was Knut, the beloved polar bear from the Berlin Zoo.

The song from the video (see below) was ingrained in my mind and in only two minutes and eleven seconds he had won my heart.

When I learned on Saturday that Knut had died an overwhelming sadness swept over me. I thought of my childhood and the moment I saw my first polar bears at the Vancouver Aquarium. I loved how enormous yet graceful they were, and I could have watched them play for hours.

So I started reading more about Knut’s life to gain some closure. And rather than sit here and cry I’d like

Knut enjoys a fresh croissant.

to share some funny facts about our favourite little polar bear.

Knut’s mom was a cougar. Not the animal kind, but you know. A cougar. Tosca (a former circus performer) was 20 years old when she mated with Lars – aged 13.

Knut is half Canadian! Lars, Knut’s father was born in Canada and later moved to Munich – where he met Tosca.

Despite being known for being a fish-eater, Knut’s favourite treat was the croissant. I’m sure if he ever got the chance to make it back to Canada he would have stopped by Two if By Sea Cafe to enjoy a croissant with his dad.

Knut is a plus-size model. Setting a great example for big boned bears everywhere, Knut graced the cover of Vanity Fair weighing in at more than 286 lbs.

So there you have it. Some fun facts on our favourite bear who will sincerely be missed by all. Check out the video of Knut that started the love affair.

Freddie – The David Suzuki of Cats

23 Feb

Freddie is seen here sporting a stylish snuggie.

If there is one thing we love more than the inside scoop here at TNTs it’s animals. Extra points if the animal is wearing an outfit or doing something cool.

So today we bring you Freddie, The David Suzuki of cats. Freddie is a 9 month old orange tabby with quite a few tricks up his furry little sleeves. Not only does he have the longest tail searchable on the internet, he also has an abundance of thumbs on both his front and back paws. Freddie’s loves include rats on ropes, bananas, and saving the planet.

Last night, just like every other Tuesday night, we sat down to watch Glee. I will admit there were quite a few lights on in our apartment at the time, but Freddie being particularly “eco-friendly” was getting rather ticked. After ignoring several of his cries, he took matters into his own paws. Freddie targeted the one light switch in our home that controls not only the lamp, but the TV. Double jeopardy.

The Bees Knees: The Halifax Oval

27 Jan

Since the Oval opened to the public this winter it has been the talk of the town. Thousands of people have flocked to the outdoor rink to spend some quality time outside with their friends and family. So the gang at This Needs to Stop dropped by to check out what the fuss was about.

As a group of young professionals caught in that awkward time of your life where you don’t know if you should be doing Jagerbombs at The Dome or knitting socks for your unborn children, The Oval was a welcomed age neutral activity.

The atmosphere was fantastic. Everyone was having a great time (despite being out-skated by six year olds) and there were no bad apples trying to spoil the fun for everyone.

Most importantly all of this fun was being had in the heart of the city. Other parts of the country  have long since embraced the Canadian tradition of outdoor skating rinks in their downtown cores. The idea of sipping hot chocolate and laughing with your friends while being outside is just enough to get us through these long winter months.

So that being said, we think the Halifax Oval is The Bees Knees and we’d love to see it stick around.

Check out savetheoval.ca to learn more!