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Happy Birthday Lauren Conrad!!

1 Feb

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LC!! Our favourite girl from Laguna Beach was born 25 fabulous years ago today. 

In her action packed 25 years on earth she has smooched Brody Jenner AND Steven Colletti, starred in both Laguna Beach and The Hills and started an incredibly successful fashion line with Kohls. Oh yeah, and she’s a best selling author as well. Oh yea. And she has the best hair in LA.

A recent poll shows that 100% of the cast of This Needs to Stop would be Lauren Conrad if they had to be anyone else on Earth (Ed. Note: I don’t remember saying this — Joel). So with that, we wish Lauren Conrad the very best of birthdays. Thank you for being a breath of fresh air in the mayhem that is Hollywood. You’re doing it right.

xoxo TNTs


The Bees Knees: Bruce Jenner

16 Jan

You may know Bruce Jenner as the Olympic athlete who won the hearts of Americans when he reclaimed the decathlon gold medal in the 1976 Montreal Olympics. This moment in sports history changed the status of athletes from amateurs to superstars overnight. After becoming the face of Wheaties, Bruce knew his life would never be the same. Continue reading