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30 Day Yoga Challenge – Complete!

3 Apr

I keep saying how quickly the month of March flew by and it did. March is usually that lame month where the weather is garbage in Atlantic Canada and we dream of sunshine and beach days.

I sincerely think that doing this challenge distracted me from that and not only that got me even more prepared than I’ve ever been for the summer!

I mentioned before that I didn’t weigh myself throughout this challenge because I had no benchmark of what to expect. That and I’m a believer in feeling good in your skin regardless of the scale number. I’m really glad I didn’t because on the scale I only lost 3-4 pounds in that 30 days. However, I went to try my wedding dress on on Saturday and I couldn’t believe the difference in how I felt in it. My arms felt toned and my back more defined. Overall I feel better than I have in a really really long time.

On Wednesday I had to do my one and only back to back class. I was terrified. I kept asking people for tips and then I realized I needed to stop psyching myself out and just do it. I must say that back to back classes while a large time commitment in a day was WAY better than I expected. I took Kristen’s advice and sat out a couple of the second sets of postures in the first class so I didn’t overdo it and my second class I was warmed up and able to get through the whole thing.

On Friday at the end of class Kristen and Katrina both spoke to all of us about how proud they were of everyone who did the challenge. I would be lying if I said I didn’t get teary-eyed (which was more of a salt water sweat cry than anything). I think the reason I got so emotional was that in the last 30 days I pushed through a lot of stuff to make sure I got to class. Getting to class made me feel awesome and also really cleared my head in an insanely busy time in my life.

After class everyone who did the challenge enjoyed a beer and chatted about their experience – there were some amazing people in the challenge that I never got to meet because I was too disgustingly sweaty after class to talk to them! So hopefully I will continue to run into my new yoga-friends in class!

I was happy to get out for a run yesterday as I had started to really miss it – but I am going to get to Bikram at least twice a week to maintain the efforts of my hard work and to get out of my head on the days where my brain is going a million miles a hour.

So, a HUGE thank you to Kristen for putting me up to this and to her and Katrina for leading me through an amazing month. I cannot express enough how much I gained from this experience.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got 30 days of dinners to cook for my fiancé to make up for his culinary efforts in March 🙂



30 Day Yoga Challenge – Home Stretch!

28 Mar

I cannot believe it is March 28th already! Time flies when you’re sweating a lot… or something like that.

Last week I missed Thursday and Friday’s classes due to our marriage course and a work function on Friday. It was REALLY strange not being there for two days in a row especially since it’s become so much of my routine / life in the past 28 days. It was a well deserved break though and I could feel myself getting tired and sore leading into mid-week. My 2 day hiatus left me recharged for my double -down weekend.

I got through that fairly easily. Saturday morning classes are always the hardest for me because I don’t get the same time to hydrate as I do for the evening classes.

Today is the day though. I do my first back-to-back classes to make up for missing Friday. I’m slightly terrified but have packed two sets of clothes and will be extra cautious to drink enough water / electrolytes today. Once I get through today (classes 28 and 29) I take tomorrow off and finish up on Friday!

For those who have asked how or if I’m going to keep Bikram Yoga in my life there is no doubt I’m going to continue going. The way I’m able to decompress / de-stress is amazing and so good for my incredibly over-active brain right now. My goal is to continue going twice a week and mix that in with running (because I have found myself missing that this month). Hopefully combining the two will be a great way for me to mix up my workouts and stay healthy!

However, if I’m in a pile on the floor after tonight’s classes I may re-think the answer above 🙂 I kid, I kid.

30 Day Yoga Challenge – 20 Days in the bag!

21 Mar

I can’t believe that I’m done 20 of 30 days of the Bikram Yoga Challenge already! The time has absolutely flown by.

My goal going into this challenge was to push myself out of my comfort zone and kick my butt into gear to make sure I’m feeling really good by the time my wedding day rolls around.

One thing I’ve tried not to do in the last 20 days is weigh myself and I’m really glad I’ve decided to stick to that. Because I haven’t done this much yoga consecutively before I had no way of knowing what it was going to do to my body and therefore couldn’t gauge my success that way. Despite not knowing if I’ve lost or gained any weight through this process I do know that I’m feeling better in my clothes, and have successfully pushed through being sick, having a lot on my plate, and straight up not feeling like working out.

Last weekend was my biggest challenge so far. From Friday to Sunday I had to do 5 classes to make up for the Thursdays I’d missed. Surprisingly doing two classes in a day wasn’t soooo bad. Having a break in between was hugely important because it gave me time to hydrate, and get my mind ready for round 2.

Each and every day both Kristen and Katrina remind you why you’re there and that this isn’t the easiest thing in the world to be doing. That reminder is a lifesaver because as soon as I leave that room the rest of my busy life is waiting for me.

I must also take the 20 day milestone to thank my fiancé for cooking me dinner. Every. Day. He is home at least 2 hours before I’m done class and every day I’ve come home to a great dinner waiting for me. Something tells me I’ve got a 30 day cooking challenge ahead of me when this is done 🙂

So there you have it. 20 days done and only 10 left to go!

30 Day Yoga Challenge – Update!

11 Mar

I am happy to say that I have successfully made it through the first 10 days of the 30 day yoga challenge! Being 1/3 of the way there doesn’t seem like much but it’s been quite a ride this week.

I’ve decided to track a little bit of each day so I can remember what I was doing / how I was feeling on a particular day because otherwise they blend all together!

Day 5 – The day I wore a cotton shirt. Big mistake. They tell you to wear as little as you can when doing hot yoga. I’ve sported a variety of shorts and breathable sports tops to ensure that I’m well equipped to stay as temperature controlled as possible. Cotton is not nearly as breathable as any sort of lyrca or Lululemon top and I thought I would keel over in a sweat overdose. Never again cotton shirt. Never again. This was my only hurdle that day though, I left the class feeling positive and energized. Just what I needed to feel to get me through watching “The Bachelor, The Women Tell All.” But that’s a different blog post.

Day 6 – We’ve had a guest teacher from Montreal this week named “Luna” and I cannot say enough good things about her. Coming from work you need time to decompress and wind down and by the time class is over I feel like I’ve closed the loop on the day and have been able to reflect more than normal. Which is great considering I’m very lucky to have a lot of good things going on in my life right now and sometimes life gets to busy to do that. Class today didn’t feel too challenging and I’m finding that I’m getting better as postures as each class goes on.

Day 7 – I felt really ready to go to to class today. I’m feeling like I’m hydrating enough during the day that I’m not as desperate for water breaks as I was when I started. I’m able to actually enjoy the relaxation poses as they come and can clear my mind much more easily. No complaints about today. When your head isn’t convincing you you’re not going to have a good class it turns out you’ll likely have a good class.  Fancy that!

Thursday – I had to take today off because our marriage prep course started today. Yes. I take a lot on. I must admit it was a nice break but I did find myself missing the routine of going to class.

Day 8 – To say I was tired today was an understatement. I feel like everyone around me is fighting a cold and I think it’s starting to wear on me. Surprisingly I had a good class and got some encouraging words from Luna after about my improvements. I cannot stress how nice this was to hear after I felt like such garbage going in.

Day 9 – No complaints again today. I felt well rested and strong going into class. Saturday mornings are always tricky for me because I haven’t had the day to hydrate and eat properly to get me ready. But a couple of eggs and some water seemed to do the trick before class. But I’m really noticing that my flexibility is increasing and I my body is starting to change. Pretty excited to see where this will go!

Day 10 – I’ve been looking forward to day 10 because for some reason I’ve got it in my mind that I’ve reached some major milestone. I have no idea if things get easier or harder from here but I think it’s at least something that I’ve made it this far. I am defiantly not feeling great today and made it through class by the skin of my teeth. After a good Sunday nap I’m feeling better rested and hopefully tomorrow will bring better health!

Ok that’s it for now! I promise to write more frequently in my new daily diary format. Are any of you doing the daily challenge? I’d love to hear how you’re doing!

30 Day Challenge – The First 4 Days

5 Mar

Sunday marked the completion of Day 4 of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge. So far I’m just proud of myself for pushing through this. I don’t typically work out on the weekends and so it’s been different adjusting my routine. It’s easy to have a lazy Sunday but I found it especially hard to pull myself off the couch and go to class. But I’m glad I did!

The classes itself are amazing. Don’t get me wrong – by the time we get to triangle pose I’m cursing myself and wondering what I signed up for. But It’s incredible what you are able to push yourself through in class and the next thing you know you are doing your last pose and despite being pretty tired feel like you’ve accomplished a lot.

The hardest part of this so far though is remembering all the things you need to do to stay hydrated and healthy while you go through this.

So here are some of my learnings so far!

1) Stay hydrated. Seriously. Kristin recommends coconut water. Some people LOVE coconut water, and sadly I am not one of them but I have continued to drink it from time to time to keep my electrolytes up.

2) Plan ahead – These classes are 90 minutes so figure out the best way to work them into your schedule. I’m finding this a bit tricky right now as I’m working, about to start a marriage prep course, but it’s been well worth juggling my schedule around for.

3) Don’t be too hard on yourself. The day brings a lot of things and so you likely won’t have the same experience in the room twice. So take each bad day with a grain of salt.

4) Smile – It’s amazing how much better I feel in class if I remember to do this.

So overall I’d say I’m off to a good start regardless of the mental barrier I experience from time to time before I go to class. I will check back in a couple of days and we’ll see how I’m keeping it together!

Bikram Yoga – 30 Day Challenge

29 Feb

In November Kristin Johnston opened Halifax’s first Bikram Yoga studio on Grafton Street (above Pizza Corner where Coconut Grove used to be). She has transformed a space that previously housed jagerbomb-fests into a place of relaxation and wellness.

Having done Bikram Yoga in Vancouver I was excited to check this studio out when it opened. I was pleasantly surprised as to how gorgeous it was and how she truly made the most of such a huge space. No waiting in lines in the cold outside before class starts, a huge locker room area complete with all the post-yoga supplies you could think of and the class itself was conducted in a relaxing manner that didn’t make you feel like a newbie even if you hadn’t done this in a while.

So because we at TNTS like to stay hopeful about Halifax despite it’s currently trying state (namely Mayors, strikes, etc…) I thought it would be great to profile Kristin and Bikram Yoga and her little piece of goodness in this city.

Starting tomorrow I (Sylvia), will be taking the 30 day yoga challenge for the month of March. (That sounded like I was pledging – probably accurate since I’m very excited but just a tad freaked out). I’m going to check in every couple of days to update on how this is going.

It should be interesting since I’m not only working but in full fledged wedding planning mode, but I’m really excited to see where I get to in the next month!

You still have one day to register for the challenge so check out the Bikram Yoga website for more info!