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Big Day Downtown!

21 Oct

We were lucky enough to be asked by the Downtown Halifax Business Commission to participate in Big Day Downtown again this year. After a lovely launch party at Morris East, we were told that the twist this year would be that we would be partnered with another blogger!

Iain from @boostventilator was paired up with us! After tossing some ideas around we finally decided that this year we’d like to do something for the kids. The Holidays will soon be upon us and there are so many kids that go without, so we thought we’d try our hand at finding them some awesome gifts from some awesome downtown stores!

Luckily, Iain has a daughter of his own, so she tagged along to vet our purchases. Yes, shopping for toys with a kid is SUPER fun.

We started off at Carbonstok where we were delighted to find a ton of cool toys, a lot of which were made in Lunenburg!

We were all fascinated by “Queen Beatrix” who was a bouncy, suction cup toy!

Our other Carbonstok purchase was this sweet race car made from recycled saw dust!

We then wandered down to The Discovery Centre to see what we could get our hands on! As expected the Discovery Centre is packed full of awesome, educational toys. We found some awesome toys that we enjoyed as kids like a “Grow Your Own Seahorse” kit! We also found some cool books, Lego, Dinosaur dig kits and a whole lot more! A lot of the Discovery Centre Dinosaur toys were 50% off so we got great bang for our buck there.

Luckily, our $200 was not done there, so we finished up at Des Serres where we got an awesome easel / chalkboard and a bedazzle your own headband kit! Our goal was to get toys that didn’t require batteries, or other supplies so that they could be enjoyed for a long time to come!

We were able to get TONS of stuff with our $200 and on November 17th we are going to donate all of our toys to the Empire Theatres Toy Drive! A big thank you to Rowan for her help, and to Downtown Halifax Business Commission for including This Needs to Stop & @boostventilator in Big Day Downtown 2012!