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The Bachelor Comes to Canada

24 Jan

The breaking news yesterday was that The Bachelor is coming to Canada. In all fairness, the show technically did come to Canada before when Vancouverite Jillian Harris was the Bachelorette.

But regardless, City TV has announced it will be developing its own version of the American Series. Given that they are searching for single ladies to audition, we can assume that the main man looking for love has likely already been identified.

When the American show started they were happy to bring on no-namers, but as time has passed you’ve either got to be a Bachelor/ette Alum or somewhat famous to get on the show now.

So the question on everyone’s mind is WHO WILL IT BE?!

Our secret hope was that JTT would come out of the woodwork and finally admit he’s been living in Canada for YEARS and that he is still searching for love – but the chances of that happening are slim to none. Although if it did happen I think Tiger Beat would be back in business.

Flare Magazine Tweeted that they thought perhaps hockey bad boy Sean Avery might be a contender. Frankly I don’t think that’ll happen and here’s why.

1) Sean Avery is not a nice dude. His hockey career is going down the drain mostly due to horrible on-ice antics. He’s been arrested for battery AND uttered racial slurs. Sure ladies love some douchebaggery in their lives, but I think Sean is a little much.

2) His ex-girlfriends are knockouts Elisha Cuthbert, and Rod Stewart’s ex-wife Rachel Hunter. Who could possibly want to follow in their footsteps? You’d forever feel ugly no matter how much of a babe you are.

3) He’s lived in LA for a long time. His family probably still lives in Ontario but I doubt his Canadian connection is enough to make him a front runner.

Other contenders:

Rick the Temp: Rick Campanelli is loved by girls who grew up in the 90’s and would therefore be in the mix to win his heart. His sweet VJ skills and frosted tips had girls throwing themselves at him for a long time. Divorced a couple of years ago – it might be time for Rick to get his groove back.

Jian Ghomeshi: Apparently Jian has also been speculated as the new Bachelor – and frankly I don’t think he would be a bad choice. He’s smart, a lover of the arts, and has great flowing hair.

Jesse Palmer: You might remember that Jesse was already on the American Bachelor BUT he’s still single AND he’s gorgeous. Will Jesse return to Canada to find love?

Ben Nemtin: Ben has some serious street cred. Born and bred on Vancouver Island, this Canadian gem from The Buried Life is not only a do-gooder, but has played basketball with Obama. Since The Buried Life will no longer be on MTV Ben will have some time on his hands. The more I think of it the more I realize that I will be crying into my wine every Monday if Ben is not the Canadian Bachelor.

So there you have it – my top picks for The Canadian Bachelor. Who do you think it will be?


Are Whitney Port and Ben Nemtin over? Yes they are.

7 Jun

Update: In Touch Weekly and Perez Hilton are now both confirming that Whitney and Ben have indeed split. Celebuzz (where Whitney hosts her website) confirmed to me last week that the photo of the guy in the post below plays for the other team. So clearly we don’t have him to blame for this. But check out the post to see why our gut feeling on this one was right. Sad sad sad.

Now I realize this is the fluffiest of the fluff. But recently my spidey senses have been tingling and I fear that my favourite MTV couple Whitney Port and Ben Nemtin have split.

Ben Nemtin and Whitney Port. Get cuter!

For those of you who aren’t in the loop Whitney Port was Lauren Conrad’s office mate and confidante on The Hills. After proving that she was more than just a pretty face – and an amazing head of hair – Whitney got her own show, The City. The City chronicled her move from LA to New York where she pursued her dream of becoming a fashion designer. On the show Whitney’s squeaky clean image earned her little luck in the love department. Her relationship with Tamarama singer Jay bit the dust and our dear little Whitney was left to keep her eye on the prize. Her clothing line.

Lucky for her she struck gold and Whitney Eve has done exceptionally well. Along with a hot collection, Whitney also penned the book “True Whit” which is a guide to 20 – something women transitioning from college to the real working world. Whitney always seemed extremely grounded and determined to earn her place in the fashion world by working hard instead of leaking topless pictures of herself. In a world full of terrible role models Whitney is someone young women can look up to and relate to.

Next we have Ben Nemtin. Ben is from Victoria, BC and along with three of his University friends filmed a documentary called “The Buried Life”. The premise was that these four guys would travel across North America in a purple bus named “Penelope” and check things off their list of 100 things to do before they die. But rather than just complete these tasks, they also connect with people along the way and help them complete one of the things on their list. They have done everything from built skate parks to reuniting a homeless man with his daughter.

The show got picked up by MTV in 2009 in an effort to shift away from the otherwise smutty content. The Buried Life boys are changing lives across North America and are incredibly adorable to boot. Oh yea, did we mention they’re Canadian? What’s not to love!

SO you can only image my excitement when these two MTV starlets crossed paths and started canoodling in front of the cameras. Pictures were popping up everywhere of the duo and Whitney was more than happy to post picture of Ben at Port family events on her blog. They seemed to be the perfect match.  Tall, gorgeous, hard working and also used to the crazy schedule that filming a television show brings.

Now we come back to my spidey senses.  Lately I’ve noticed that Whitney has been out on the town an awful lot. She is frequently

Picture posted on Whit's blog, June 2nd. That boy is NOT Ben Nemtin. That is a boy with something to hide.

tweeting about the next girls night out and recently posted a picture of her locked arms with a Justin-Bobby lookalike. So where is Benny? The Buried Life is filming right now so obviously Ben is on the road, but something is not right.

Last night was the icing on the cake. The 2011 MTV Movie awards. All of young Hollywood’s finest come out to play – especially the kids of MTV. Ben Nemtin tweeted “Heading to mtv movie awards. Goin w this guy.” But no, it wasn’t Whitney it was one of the Buried Life boys. WHERE IS WHITNEY?

The awards show was held at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California. A mere hop, skip and jump from her home. Not to mention Whitney being in the fashion industry, loves an opportunity to get her name out there, and show off Ben as her arm candy. But she was nowhere to be found last night.

This can only mean one thing. They’ve broken up. I’ve Googled my little heart out and found nothing. I’m not sure why I care so much but I guess it’s because it was nice to finally see two people putting their fame to good use and not behaving like donkeys.

So what do you think? Do bad schedules and lack of on-camera appearances have me jumping to conclusions? Or am I sadly right on this one. One thing is for sure. If Whitney has left the lovely Ben Nemtin for the musical stylings of Tamarama’s Jay – she needs to call me, and we need to talk this one through.