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Atlantic Fashion Week

24 Jun

The ladies of This Needs to Stop dropped in on Atlantic Fashion Week which took place June 13th –

19th in Halifax. Our first stop was the Emerging Designers Showcase. We were pleasantly surprised to see the incredible amount of talent that our city’s young designers brought to the table.

Amy Negus from “All My Fashions” had a fantastic collection of summer dresses. The unique fabrics and flattering cuts made usswoon over every piece.

Vanessa Furlong of Three Sheet fame had an awesome collection of punk rock chic pieces that would have made even the girliest of girls wanting to try something on. We must say, along with having a kick ass collection – The Nes Pas models rocked the runway.

The newest designer on the block was Stephanie Rycbzyn who is STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL. Clearly Stephanie was paying attention in family studies because that girl knows how to use a sewing machine. While we don’t think we will have the guts to wear some of her daring pieces, we give her major props for seriously holding her own among some other amazing local designers.

Our next event was the Designer Showcase Gala. We are still kicking ourselves for not knowing who some of these designers were already. Each collection was ridiculously gorgeous, most of which featuring dresses – embracing the summer that Halifax may never have.

Jere Brooks kicked things off with an awesome awesome collection. The one outfit that can’t escape our minds was the gorgeous white top and pants paired with a black belt and shoes. Classic, and crisp. Just gorgeous.

The Cranky collection was again full of dresses and we honestly would wear every single one. The finale of this collection was a super fun tutu dress. You can never have enough tutu.

SuTa jewellery was a definite highlight of the night. We figured it would be tricky to showcase a jewellery collection on a runway, and clearly we were wrong.  This collection of necklaces are for the ladies who aren’t afraid to wear some bling. Each piece was big, bold and full of colour. The perfect way to add some flavour to your little black dress.

A big thanks to Marqedia PR for having us come and take in some amazing local fashion!!