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30 Day Yoga Challenge – 20 Days in the bag!

21 Mar

I can’t believe that I’m done 20 of 30 days of the Bikram Yoga Challenge already! The time has absolutely flown by.

My goal going into this challenge was to push myself out of my comfort zone and kick my butt into gear to make sure I’m feeling really good by the time my wedding day rolls around.

One thing I’ve tried not to do in the last 20 days is weigh myself and I’m really glad I’ve decided to stick to that. Because I haven’t done this much yoga consecutively before I had no way of knowing what it was going to do to my body and therefore couldn’t gauge my success that way. Despite not knowing if I’ve lost or gained any weight through this process I do know that I’m feeling better in my clothes, and have successfully pushed through being sick, having a lot on my plate, and straight up not feeling like working out.

Last weekend was my biggest challenge so far. From Friday to Sunday I had to do 5 classes to make up for the Thursdays I’d missed. Surprisingly doing two classes in a day wasn’t soooo bad. Having a break in between was hugely important because it gave me time to hydrate, and get my mind ready for round 2.

Each and every day both Kristen and Katrina remind you why you’re there and that this isn’t the easiest thing in the world to be doing. That reminder is a lifesaver because as soon as I leave that room the rest of my busy life is waiting for me.

I must also take the 20 day milestone to thank my fiancé for cooking me dinner. Every. Day. He is home at least 2 hours before I’m done class and every day I’ve come home to a great dinner waiting for me. Something tells me I’ve got a 30 day cooking challenge ahead of me when this is done 🙂

So there you have it. 20 days done and only 10 left to go!