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Benjamin Arthur – Less Than Kind

5 Apr

If you haven’t seen HBO Canada’s hit show Less Than Kind you’re seriously missing out. The comedic genius of Mark McKinney ( Of Kids in the Hall and Saturday Night Live fame) paired with the creative mind of the late Maury Chaykin created a hit series that has won some serious critical acclaim.

We at This Needs to Stop had the chance to sit down with Gemini Award winner Benjamin Arthur who plays Josh Blecher in Less Than Kind. Less Than Kind is a sitcom following the Blechers, a quirky jewish family running a driving school in Winnipeg. Ben plays Josh Blecher – a wannabe actor returning to Winnipeg after a failed attempt at an acting career in Toronto.

Check out our interview with Ben that covers everything from the stars whose height will shock you, the worst advice he’s ever been given, and his encounter with his elementary school janitor that shaped his future.

A huge thanks to Benjamin for taking the time to chat with us!!

*Disclaimer: To capture the interview via Skype we had to use a trial screen recording program. We will look to increasing video quality in the future.

Bowl for Kids Sake

14 Mar

On Saturday the gang from This Needs to Stop participated in Big Brothers Big Sisters “Bowl for Kids Sake”. The event is a wildly successful fundraising event for the orgranization that takes place across Canada each year.

As of Saturday, March 12th, over $150,000 had been raised in Halifax alone. We bowled from the 6-8pm time slot and our time slot alone raised over $20,000. Not too shabby. (Update – we just learned that Bowl for Kids Sake event has raised over $200,000 – that means a lot of really great kids will get the chance to have an adult mentor!)

A huge thank you to everyone who supported us and helped to make the event such a success!

This Needs to Stop - ready to bowl in our handmade sweaters.

Oh yes, and there are our custom logos

This does not need to stop.

You’re doing it right – Emilio Estevez

9 Mar

Do you know what people like? They like movies about underdog hockey teams, they like feel-good teen movies about having detention on Saturday morning, and even more than that, they like “The Outsiders”.

What’s the common denominator? Emilio Estevez. Whether he is warming hearts as the coach that cares in Mighty Ducks 1, 2 & 3,  stealing our hearts as a teen heart throb in the Breakfast Club, or showing off his tougher side in Young Guns, he proves time and time again that he can fill the theatre seats. (And not just on the easy times like over long weekends and holidays, but also the hard-to-sell times like August.)

Ok, so I know what you are thinking: sure, we all know he makes great movies, but what else has he done? Paula Abdul and Demi Moore! That’s right, he was married to Abdul for two years and was engaged to Moore (guess that one didn’t take). He clearly knows how to win over the ladies.

So, in these uncertain times, we salute you, Emilio. Keep keeping it real, keeping it Estevez, and keeping it Mighty.


Internet’s Joel Kelly marks a quarter century

24 Feb

February is just full of birthdays for the TNTs crew. First Mr B turned the big 4 (which is 28 in dog years) and now our own Joel Kelly is turning the big 25 (if it makes you feel better Joel, you are younger then Mr B). So how does the internet’s hippest vegan celebrate his birthday…
1. He goes to work (because the internet doesn’t stop for anyone
2. He enjoys lunch at the Goggle with the lovely ladies of TNTs and his even lovelier girlfriend – Leah
3. He orders their cheapest bottle of wine
4. He demands presents
5. He will read two weeks worth of Savage Love in a very special public reading today @ 12:30pm at the Goggle

In honour of Internet’s Joel Kelly hitting the big quarter century, here is a video of his favourite song. Just remove the “ne” from Jolene and sing along. He likes it especially if you sing this song to or at him for extended periods. Just the chorus. Over and over. If you are fortunate enough to spot Internet’s Joel Kelly today, in lieu of Happy Birthday, he prefers to be serenaded Dolly Parton style. (Fast forward to the 35-second mark to skip the hillbilly preamble and get right to the goods)

Searching for Randall Kennedy

21 Feb

Last week it was brought to our attention that Halifax Magazine had done an article on acclaimed elevator inspector Randall Kennedy titled “The Guy Behind the Signature”. To our surprise Randall Kennedy is a name everyone knows, yet very few speak of. But once this floodgate was opened we were a tad jealous we didn’t break the story first.

While we applaud Halifax Magazine for finding the Santa Claus of elevators.. we just have so many more questions to ask him.

So in an effort to bring to light one of Halifax’s most elusive figures, I sent Randall an email.

Now I must admit that in writing the email, I was caught up in a moment of excitement. It was not my finest piece of writing, nor least creepy. But the damage is done and it’s sitting in his in-box waiting to be read and hopefully not marked as spam.

So I share with you, the highly embarrassing letter to Randall Kennedy, elevator inspector extraordinaire.

We hope that Randall will find it in his heart to chat with us at TNTs and answer some of the questions that have been going up and down in our minds.

Good Afternoon Mr. Kennedy,

I’m writing to you after reading a recent article in Halifax Magazine “The Man Behind the Signature”. Your name has been engrained in my mind since I moved to Nova Scotia as a kid. I remember taking the elevator to ballet classes in Sunnyside Mall and seeing your neatly signed name on the wall.

Myself along with 3 other Haligonias have a pop culture blog titled “This Needs to Stop” ( with a feature called “The Bees Knees”. We would love to feature you and was curious if you had the time to answer a couple of questions! (We can send them via email if you’d like!)
Thank you for your time,

It’s World Nutella Day!

5 Feb

Today we must thank the blogger world for banding together and creating World Nutella Day. Two bloggers Ms Adventures in Italy and Bleeding Espresso started World Nutella Day in 2007 to celebrate their favorite Mom approved chocolate hazelnut spread.

We at TNTs have excitedly jumped on this bandwagon, because who doesn’t love Nutella? No one. Even those who can’t eat it look longingly at that package, spoon in hand, single tear dripping down their faces. They love the idea of Nutella.

Nutella has broken down the stereotype that condiments belong on something. Downing a spoonful of ketchup makes you look like a weirdo. Eating a scoop of peanut-butter makes people think you’re a crazy person. But diving spoon first into a jar full of Nutella is encouraged by all.

Even as a kid if your parents caught you with a Nutella covered face, they would grab a spoonful and join in on the fun. (Cue Full House family moment music.)

So today as we celebrate World Nutella Day, we would also like to thank Pietro Ferrero of Italy for being nutty enough to take condiments where no man had ever taken condiments before.

For your Saturday enjoyment, our favourite Nutella recipe from the kitchen of Amy:

Baby Nutella Croissants:


1 jar of Nutella
1 package of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls


Unroll the crescent rolls
Place a spoonful of Nutella in the middle of each
Roll and bake according to the crescent roll package directions
Eat the rest of the Nutella with a spoon

To learn more about World Nutella day visit

Two Hours Traffic takes over The Office

3 Feb

Just a friendly reminder to all TNTs readers that you should tune into tonight’s episode of The Office, not just for the laughs but to catch some sweet THT tunes. Word on the street is that tonight’s episode will feature “Better sorry than safe”, very exciting stuff, but THT is no stranger to this sort of thing, having been featured on the OC (back when it was in its hay day) and on Gossip Girl! So make sure to watch(and listen) – turn up the tv really loud and be on the listen for this song.