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Amanda Bynes – Fall From Grace

9 Sep

Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan have FAR too much in common. Both started off as adorable child stars, and both have now worked their way into the drunken disheveled worst drivers in Young Hollywood category.

After getting sucked into a marathon of questionable movies on the weekend ( Just IMDB Sunday’s at Tiffany’s… I dare you… and yes I watched the whole thing..) I stumbled upon “What a Girl Wants”. This is certainly not Amanda’s finest piece of work, but it was cute and good for the kiddies. After spending two hours in 2003, I realized how sad it was that this hilarious young girl turned out to be such a train wreck. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN?!

Looking through her work, she actually seemed to have such a different path lined up for herself. Her sketch comedy “The Amanda Show” was actually pretty decent considering she was only 13 years old.

Another guilty pleasure of mine was “What I Like About You” where her and Jennie Garth played the sister equivalent of The Gilmore Girls.

So how did this hilarious, and seemingly normal child star start making headlines recently for repeatedly drinking and driving, and getting involved in hit and runs? I have no sweet clue. Maybe Amanda and LiLo have some sick contest running on how many times they can get away with doing ridiculously dangerous and stupid crap? Or maybe her acting dry spell was enough to get her on the sauce in a huge way.

Regardless of how she got there, I still can’t help but be sad for one of my favourite teeny boppers going awry.

So let’s remember the old Amanda and a still super hot and fabulous Channing Tatum. Le Sigh.



22 Feb

Just last week the gang at TNTs was crushed when we learned that recent recipient of The Bees Knees Frankie Muniz was thrust back into the limelight during an alleged altercation with his girlfriend.

Then today we learned some shocking news. Lo Bosworth (of The Hills Fame) was on Chelsea Lately promoting her new book and being generally adorable, when she inadvertently may have outted our beloved JTT (featured in Januarys post “Fall From Grace”). She also seems to think he lives in Silverlake California. If Lo was actually reading our blog she would know he is living in Hollywood North and therefore she’s going to need to head on up to Vancouver to get to the bottom of this.

Anyway, you can check out how this all shakes down at the 4:40 mark. 75% of the cast at TNTs hopes that this isn’t true. We can’t risk our hearts shattering into a million pieces thinking of all the time that was wasted smooching pictures of him in Teen Beat.

However, if JTT does prefer the company of men we’d LOVE to set him up with Jonathan Knight of NKOTB fame. Their teen idol status would make them the ultimate power couple.

But after these two stories unveil themselves we must ask, is it any coincidence that two former stars that we’ve recently covered were suddenly brought back to the forefront only to have person details of their lives exposed? A wise person once said to me. “Twice is a coincidence, three times is a hex.”

Fall from Grace: JTT

19 Jan

If any of you have ever picked up a copy of Teen Beat in the early 90’s chances are you knew who Jonathan Taylor Thomas was and had pictures of him plastered all over your walls. I’m not going to lie, I spent hours in my bedroom staring at his picture becoming so enthralled with him that I brought his picture to camp with me and put it up in my bunk.

Playing Randy in Home Improvement, Simba in The Lion King, and Jake Wilkinson in I’ll Be Home for Christmas, JTT was the hottest thing going in young Hollywood. Continue reading

Bob Saget and RA heartache

13 Jan

The RA was thrilled to learn that the one and only Mr. Bob Saget would be making a quick visit to Hali. What could be more exciting on a cold winter night then the comedy stylings of Danny Tanner? A photo of the RA with Bob, that’s what. We tweeted and we tweeted but alas we were unable to arrange a meet and greet. Bob, all we wanted was a quick reacharound.

I think important lessons were learned by all RA members today, first we need to be more aware of celebrities visiting our casino (this sort of thing would never have happened to Perez) and second Bob’s twitter handler is not bringing much to table. Bob if you are looking for a new social media consultant may I suggest you hire the RA???