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Hey Mr. T Won’t You Curl With Me?

15 Feb

I am someone who is a sucker for people achieving their goals, especially those who overcome their obstacles to get there.

So it is beyond me that why every time an Olympics draws near I only think of reasons I am not excited for them to come. I reluctantly watch the Opening Ceremonies and scoff at the fact that our TV is constantly on (even though I am an avid TV watcher).

Within 24 hours of the games beginning I without fail am sobbing at the commercials and can’t get enough of people celebrating their success. Their families overcome with emotion at the finish lines. GAH! I’m tearing up just thinking about it.

This year however, we’ve had the added benefit of an unexpected cheerleader warm up to an unexpected sport.

Mr. T has become obsessed with curling. For some reason the idea of this former Wrestler and “I Pity the Fool” tough guy celebrating a sport that *shouldn’t* cause bodily harm really fascinating. He’s even trying to make curling “cool” again. Count me in.

See here’s the thing. I am not sporty. I am however quite active, but I grew up as a dancer and team sports were never my jam. I was always jealous of people coming back with medals from their latest tournament, or hearing stories from the road as they ate pizza and snuck around hotels. It was a sporty life, not a dancers life.

When Mr. T started talking about curling on Twitter I thought, maybe this is my chance! Maybe, if I just ask nicely enough, we could team up and learn a thing or two about challenging ourselves to try new things and tackle a sport we’re both unfamiliar with.

So, Mr T if you’re listening, here is my list of reasons why this outlandish idea may just be the intro to curling you’ve been looking for:

  1. While I’ve established I am not sporty, I am an athletic supporter. With pep and enthusiasm I get sports, I just don’t play them (yet).
  2. I’m a communicator. In curling being able to yell things like “hurry hard” and “good sweep” matters. I will not be a meek and mild teammate. I’m chatty and can make my voice carry. We won’t fail because of poor communication.
  3. I’m a quick study. In late November I learned how to knit. I knit 10 headbands for Christmas presents. Dedication, practice, execution. These are transferable skills. (I could also make us matching headbands as an added perk!)
  4. Canadians make for some damn good curlers. As you’ve seen in the Olympics already this year, John Morris and Kaitlyn Lawes took home gold in Mixed Doubles. Colleen Jones is one of Canada’s curling sweethearts. We host the Scotties Tournament of Hearts and Tim Horton’s Brier Cup every year, drawing the best Curlers from across Canada. These are big deals here up North.
  5. We can both try something new and crush some stereotypes about ourselves. You can practice grace and elegance “on the sheet”. I can show people that sports are not out of my bailiwick. Heck, I might get invited to play on that Summer baseball league that keeps passing me over due to my lack of sports aptitude.

Don’t get me wrong, this won’t be easy. The pro’s we are watching make this look SO effortless. We will need to train and train hard. But I pity the fool who doesn’t at least give it a shot!

See you on the sheet!

Yours in Curling,



The Bee’s Knees – Hanson Plays Halifax

1 May

Just a days ago my long time friend Ben Boudreau (@yelphalifax / @Bboudreau) Tweeted me the best news I’ve been tweeted in a seriously long time, if not ever.

Hanson. Is coming. To Halifax.

When I moved to Nova Scotia in Grade 5 I recall a girl in my class with an orange CD that she’d bring to class. This was of course Hanson’s breakout album “Middle of Nowhere” that the smash hit “Mmmbop” came from. Then I remember hanging out at my older cousins that summer and they introduced me to the Much Music Countdown. Were they boys? Were they girls? Who cared. I was obsessed.

After a hugely successful Christmas album called “Snowed In” Hanson fell off the radar and quickly reemerged with “This Time Around” in 2000.

Then, my favourite Hanson album came out in 2004. Underneath. If you were to look at my iPod right now you would find about 5 different versions of “Penny & Me”. I listened to this album on repeat for almost an entire flight across Canada one time. I was angsty. I had a lot of emotions. (The way back I believe had me listening to Snow Patrol on repeat – surely whoever sat next to me on that flight dealt with a crying hot mess.)

I digress. I obviously don’t need to regurgitate Hanson’s discography to you, but it is INCREDIBLY important to note that HANSON IS COMING TO HALIFAX. This is not only important because finally I will get to see these boys that I loved so very much as a teeny bopper, but I will be one degree of separation closer to Gossip Girl. WTF you say? Well, Hanson had a track in the season Premiere of Gossip Girl last year. If they’re relevant enough for Gossip Girl they’re relevant enough for me.

So now begins my quest. Can I get Hanson to do a “Bee’s Knee’s” segment for This Needs to Stop? I’m sure as hell going to try my hardest.

The Bachelor Comes to Canada

24 Jan

The breaking news yesterday was that The Bachelor is coming to Canada. In all fairness, the show technically did come to Canada before when Vancouverite Jillian Harris was the Bachelorette.

But regardless, City TV has announced it will be developing its own version of the American Series. Given that they are searching for single ladies to audition, we can assume that the main man looking for love has likely already been identified.

When the American show started they were happy to bring on no-namers, but as time has passed you’ve either got to be a Bachelor/ette Alum or somewhat famous to get on the show now.

So the question on everyone’s mind is WHO WILL IT BE?!

Our secret hope was that JTT would come out of the woodwork and finally admit he’s been living in Canada for YEARS and that he is still searching for love – but the chances of that happening are slim to none. Although if it did happen I think Tiger Beat would be back in business.

Flare Magazine Tweeted that they thought perhaps hockey bad boy Sean Avery might be a contender. Frankly I don’t think that’ll happen and here’s why.

1) Sean Avery is not a nice dude. His hockey career is going down the drain mostly due to horrible on-ice antics. He’s been arrested for battery AND uttered racial slurs. Sure ladies love some douchebaggery in their lives, but I think Sean is a little much.

2) His ex-girlfriends are knockouts Elisha Cuthbert, and Rod Stewart’s ex-wife Rachel Hunter. Who could possibly want to follow in their footsteps? You’d forever feel ugly no matter how much of a babe you are.

3) He’s lived in LA for a long time. His family probably still lives in Ontario but I doubt his Canadian connection is enough to make him a front runner.

Other contenders:

Rick the Temp: Rick Campanelli is loved by girls who grew up in the 90’s and would therefore be in the mix to win his heart. His sweet VJ skills and frosted tips had girls throwing themselves at him for a long time. Divorced a couple of years ago – it might be time for Rick to get his groove back.

Jian Ghomeshi: Apparently Jian has also been speculated as the new Bachelor – and frankly I don’t think he would be a bad choice. He’s smart, a lover of the arts, and has great flowing hair.

Jesse Palmer: You might remember that Jesse was already on the American Bachelor BUT he’s still single AND he’s gorgeous. Will Jesse return to Canada to find love?

Ben Nemtin: Ben has some serious street cred. Born and bred on Vancouver Island, this Canadian gem from The Buried Life is not only a do-gooder, but has played basketball with Obama. Since The Buried Life will no longer be on MTV Ben will have some time on his hands. The more I think of it the more I realize that I will be crying into my wine every Monday if Ben is not the Canadian Bachelor.

So there you have it – my top picks for The Canadian Bachelor. Who do you think it will be?

ANTM swaps Andre Leon Talley for Kelly Cutrone

29 Sep

Replacing judges on Americas Next Top Model (ANTM) is nothing new.  Aside from the show’s creator, Tyra Banks, who has appeared on every season, there has been a pretty steady turnover of judges during the show’s 17 (you read that right… 17) seasons – or as they say in ANTM-speak ‘cycles’.

With fan-favorites such as Miss J. Alexander and the bald and beautiful Nigel Barker on board to temper the hurricane of narcissism that is Tyra Banks, it seems that ANTM usually tries to bring on one judge that will be the “bad guy” (ie: the judge who will act in a more insane/detestable manner than Tyra – for a prime example, please see Season 1-4 judge, Janice Dickinson.)

In Season 14, we were introduced to Andre Leon Talley, former editor-at-large of Vogue, and connoisseur of caped garments.

Drink in the splendor of the A.L.T. black-tie... errrr... black-cape ensemble. Who doesn't want to be friends with this man?

A.L.T. swiftly gained a huge fan-base and brought out some ensembles that made Tyra’s couture-duds look like a ratty sweat suit.  He was too over the top not to like. But alas, after his 4th season, he’ll be parting ways with ANTM. The word isn’t out as to exactly why A.L.T. is leaving Top Model, but my guess is he has better things to do… like discuss the merits of multi-toned furs with Anna Wintour.

However, it also may have something to do with the fact that he’s simply not villainous enough. Despite his coinage of the unforgettable term ‘dreckitude’, his over-the-top style and demeanor can’t seem to distract audiences from the unfortunate truth that Tyra Banks, for all her business acumen, is insufferable.

Enter Kelly Cutrone. We first met Kelly on “The Hills” and “The City” where she played the role of was Whitney and LC’s fashion-publicist boss/mentor at People’s Revolution. While most of the characters in these reality shows seem to have jobs that are more like hobbies, and incomes that are more like trust funds, it was nice to see a real business person with her head screwed on straight. She just didn’t take anyone’s shit.  However, compared to everyone else on the Hills and the City, Kelly Cutrone also seemed like the single meanest person in LA and/or New York. But although she was scary as hell, she was also somehow very likable.

In addition her personal success, she also released her memoir in 2010, titled “If you have to cry go outside: And other things your mother never told you.”  I think we can all agree that’s one of the best book titles ever. But I digress… based on what we’ve seen from Kelly already I can only imagine the absolute spectacle that we will be privy to when she is faced with the girls in the top model house on a regular basis. Tears will be shed, egos will be deflated, and Tyra may just end up looking likable. But hopefully, with Kelly on the judge’s panel, the viewers of ANTM (and not just the jaded 20-somethings, but also the impressionable young ones) will get a to hear that it’s not just about being pretty, but also having a work ethic and some brains in your head. So while I will absolutely lament the loss of Andre Leon Talley, I welcome the addition of Kelly Cutrone. And I won’t be crying about it.

Oscar Night Recap

1 Mar

The gold statuettes have been handed out, the boring speeches have been delivered, and the borrowed jewels have (hopefully) been returned. The 83rd Academy Awards have come and gone and the TNTs crew has compiled a list of highlights and lowlights. If you missed the Oscars, save yourself about four and a half hours and just read this post instead.

Oscar Night Bee’s Knees:

  • Kirk Douglas. Everything about  Kirk Douglas was wonderful. The fact that he didn’t want to get off the stage, his extreme elderly-ness and the way he threw the envelope on the floor. All wonderful.
  • Melissa Leo dropping the F-bomb, going all crazypants and then stealing Kirk Douglas’s cane. One of the bright spots of the night. Definitely one of the more interesting speeches.
  • Commenting on how high James Franco was many, many times during the course of the evening. He just seemed to get more and more progressively baked.
  • The singing children.

TNTS: Oscar Edition

  • Cate Blanchett‘s mustard stain. Gorgeous dress, could’ve done without the condiments. Listen, we get it. We too are spilly eaters. That’s why you wear an old t-shirt when you’re eating your pre-Oscars hot dog, not a couture gown.
  • The fact that all the “good awards” are so late in the evening.
  • The Nazi documentary infomercial that aired for an unfortunately long time near the beginning of the show. “Packed with new facts!”
  • Nicole Kidman’s dress,  which resembled a killer plant reaching up to smother her

What do you think, readers? Please share your Oscar thoughts in the comments!

The Bees Knees: Jared Keeso on Hellcats

15 Feb

Since High School Musical has left our lives, the Tis has been able to fill the void left in our hearts by starring in the CW’s smash hit Hellcats.

Hellcats chronicles the journey of cheerleaders from all walks of life as they make their way through College in the deep south.

In this weeks episode our talented friend Jared Keeso plays firefighter Luke, who catches the eye of a cheerleader named Alice… could this be a long-term romance? Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Jared Keeso as "Luke" in the CW's Hellcats. Click the image to check out the preview for this weeks show.

You can catch this weeks episode of Hellcats on your local TV station on Tuesday February 15th, or on MuchMusic on Friday February 18th!

So once again Jared Keeso, your friends at This Needs to Stop! think you’re the Bees Knees!

Breaking News: Justin Bieber and Katy Perry are the same person!

10 Feb

This Needs To Stop has been alerted to some insider information: Katy Perry and Justin Bieber are actually the same person. At first glance, this may not seem to be the case. She’s very evidently female. He (we think) is a boy. But there, the differences end.

Behold the similarities:

Katy Perry is a Proactiv spokesperson.

Justin Bieber is a Proactiv spokesperson.

Katy Perry has a nail polish line with OPI.

The Biebs has a nail polish line with OPI.

They both have an affinity for sunglasses with brightly coloured frames.

And they both sound like little girls.

Justy Perber, we’re onto you.