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Dog Days of Summer

13 Jul

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 15 years since Elle Woods came into our lives!

In honour of this ridiculously important milestone in movie history, I wanted to look back at one of my favourite interviews to date.

Let’s drift back to August 2013….

On Friday I found out that the canine stars of Neptune Theatres Legally Blonde – The Musical would be the celebrity judges of the Downtown Halifax Business Commission’s Dog Day’s of Summer Doggy Fashion Show and I knew I needed to get in on the action.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m the biggest dog lover around so this was a particularly exciting interview for me.

Check out the interview with the city’s most fashionable and talented pups!

A huge thank you to the team at Neptune Theatre, Downtown Halifax Business Commission and Kim and Amanda – the pups owners for making this happen!


Saving Bonehead

15 Sep

Over the past few months Twitter has continued to impress by breaking news faster than any other medium. Beyond spreading the news of things like Beyonce’s pregnancy and Kardashian weddings, countless animals have been saved by people sharing their stories on Twitter. Just a few months ago hundreds of people walked the streets of Halifax after finding out on Twitter that newly rescued Greyhound Bella had run away. Tweet by tweet we stayed connected on our search through Twitter and cheered as Bella was returned to safety.

Thursday night around 4pm I caught wind of some action on Twitter talking about a cat in distress who was stuck on a roof and couldn’t seem to get down.

The thing that really struck me was that the person behind the tweets, Seth Graham aka @brinkofink, wasn’t even the owner of the cat, just a good neighbour who had noticed that the cat had been stuck up there for quite some time. Seth’s concern was growing as the day was getting hotter and the black shingled roof was no place for a cat to be – especially without any food or water.

The tweets kept coming and before I knew it my Twitter feed was full of people trying to figure out what to do to help Seth save this cat that none of us even knew.

The problem was that beyond being stuck on the roof of an apartment building, the roof was incredibly steep making it un-climbable for someone with just a ladder and no proper equipment.

Soon Boneheads BBQ in Halifax stepped up and had a truck with a lift brought to the building. Our hopes all climbed and were quickly dashed as we learned that the lift couldn’t go to the roof because of power lines that were in the way.

Hour after hour, tweet after tweet people rallied together to try and get this scared and potentially dying cat off the roof.

Oddly enough, the SPCA and Animal Control wouldn’t or couldn’t help. The Fire Department was unable to assist as they need to be on call in case another more urgent situation were to present itself.

So it was up to the people of Halifax to save this little guy, who was dubbed “Bonehead” on Twitter. Soon #savebonehead

Bonehead - safe and sound with Seth Graham. Kudos to Nick Calder for the sweet and timely photoshop!

was trending and people from all over the place were making calls, finding equipment and the right people to help.

As it got darker outside it became more dangerous to get Bonehead down, and the hope that the cat would be saved was quickly disappearing.

But just as things were looking grim, Boneheads BBQ struck again, asking Five Star Roofing to try and help. Around 9pm, two men bravely scaled the roof in the dark coaxing a very scared cat into a carrying bag and bringing him down to safety. Within moments of Seth announcing Bonehead’s exciting rescue hundreds of tweets came flooding in – obviously people who had been glued to Seth’s live tweets all night.

Once safely inside, Bonehead took in some much needed water and TLC. We are unsure of who Bonehead belongs to, but should he be a stray Seth has lovingly agreed to take in his new friend.

Without the incredible kindness of Seth Graham, and some amazing people on Twitter who knows what might have happened to this poor little cat!

Pigeon Woes

10 May

I moved in to my apartment in January. To my delight, it came with a balcony that faces towards the water.  But balconies aren’t particularly useful during the Nova Scotia winter, as there is too much rain/sleet/snow/wind to contend with, so it has remained unused for the past several months. Nevertheless, I went through the winter with hope in my heart and a dream of warmer weather and lovely evenings on the balcony. As the cold season wore on, I realized that although I never went out there, my balcony was actually used frequently throughout the winter months. In fact, it had multiple daily visitors. Some of them stayed there from dusk til dawn, and to my horror and disgust it appeared that not only were they using my balcony as hip and happening hang-out, but also as the avian equivalent of a public washroom. Translation: my balcony is infested with pigeons and they have been crapping all over it since the beginning of time.

Exhibit A

Now that we are in to May and (allegedly) the weather will be warming up, I want to actually use my balcony. But my hatred/intense fear of all things winged makes the situation particularly problematic. This is in fact, a 2-tiered problem.

1. How do I get the pigeons off the balcony?

I originally thought that my presence on the balcony would be enough to scare the pigeons away. Untrue. The other day I was knocking on the glass, opening and closing the door, making high-pitched noises (so basically looking and acting as crazy as possible) and trying to shoo them away.  The pigeons just sat there looking right at me. If I could read pigeon minds, I’m pretty sure they were thinking: “Bitch please. No amount of flapping and screeching from you is going to move us. Finders keepers. Now we invite you to enjoy our obnoxiously loud cooing. Performances start daily at 6:00 am.’’ I’ve heard of various tricks that people employ to get rid of pigeons – giant plastic owls, cayenne pepper, metal spikes, bird-be-gone goo, but I haven’t actually tried any of these tactics yet. My main issue is, if I use cayenne pepper or bird spikes or whatever, won’t that drastically decrease my own potential enjoyment of the balcony? What to do, what to do?

2. How do I clean the balcony of all the pigeon fecal matter?

The amount of shit on my balcony is actually quite distressing. I was told that the only thing that could possibly clean it is a pressure washer on full-blast. However, due to the fact that half of the crap out there appears to be fossilized, I am not optimistic that a pressure washer will do the trick. I was also warned that this might make my balcony extremely splintery – so bad for pigeons, and humans alike. Alternatively, I was advised that pigeons hate the smell of bleach, and the best thing to do would be to get down on my hands and knees and scrub every inch of the surface with a bleach solution. But that means actually coming in to contact with all of the pigeon excrement. I will now direct your attention to this seriously devastating story about a 23-year old Fredericton woman who contracted cryptococcal meningitis after coming in to contact with pigeon feces, and is now blind. BLIND BECAUSE OF PIGEONS! ( If this isn’t reason enough to remove oneself from any possible encounter with pigeons, then I don’t know what is.  And I definitely don’t know how I’m supposed to do any cleaning or balcony-related relaxing.

Exhibit B

The fact that these vermin are so filthy and disgusting that they can potentially threaten a person’s health is incredibly alarming and upsetting. To me, the ideal solution would be an investment in a pellet gun and some target practice; unfortunately, I think this is frowned upon, so I’m going to have to hold off of popping a cap in these pigeons. For now at least. Currently the weather is pretty horrible in NS, so there’s no point in venturing outside anyway. But when it’s finally nice out – what do I do? How do I get rid of them? How do I put an end to their incessant trespassing? How do I clean up the unholy mess they’ve already made? Will I ever be able to use my balcony?! I can’t answer any of these questions – if you can, please advise post-haste.

In summation, I hate pigeons. They need to stop.

Freddie for Top Thumbcat

20 Apr

Cravendale Milk captured our attention with their amazing commercial “Cats with Thumbs”. The commercial brings to light a very special breed of cat, the Polydactyl.

As you already know This Needs to Stop has a beloved Polydactyl of their own, Freddie. Freddie is a bit unique in his polydactyli appearance in that he has not one but two extra thumbs on each paw.

Freddie in his Cravendale photo.

Freddie has not let this slow him down. In fact he has allowed this gift to propel him to international fame.

Freddie submitted his video and picture to Cravendale in hopes of winning the title of Top Cat with Thumbs.

Given that he is only 11 months old Freddie could only cross his thumbs and hope someone would notice him. Lucky for him they did.

Freddie secured his place as a week 2 finalist and is now in the running for the overall title of Top Thumbcat. Please help Freddie achieve his dreams by voting for him and sharing his story with your friends.

To vote Freddie for best cat with thumbs click here:

And once you’ve voted, be sure to check out Freddie’s sweet moves in his YouTube video.

Fur your Mewsing – Inside the cat show

14 Apr

As previously reported the 42nd Annual Bluenose Cat Club Cat show recently took place. Naturally we had to go to see what the fuss was about. So along with our lovely friend Ben ( Of No Ordinary Roller coaster fame) we went boldly where (we think) no local bloggers have gone before.

Every preconceived notion of what to expect at a cat show was true and then some. Even days after the event we are having a hard time wrapping our heads around what we witnessed. Bald cats, awesome cats, leopard cats, cat outfits that not even your most cutting edge Northern Getaway outfitter could not have imagined. This was hands down the best 5 bucks we’ve spent in a while.

The show was held in a large room with show rings lining the outer walls, and rows of various cats in the middle of the room. Each cat was accompanied with their owners who ranged from little kids to 42 year cat show veterans.

As we walked through the various isles filled with cats we attempted to make contact with some owners. Little did we know our NYC Cat Judge inspired outfits did not bode well with attendants. We stuck out like sore thumbs and just like the siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp we were snubbed. Did we want to talk to the lady with the wicked cool Abbysinian cat with an amazing show cage? Of course we did. But alas, she wanted nothing to do with us.

We figured it was best to take a lap, see what was what and then settle into a judging ring to learn the inner workings of this world.

Fiercely real plus size model. I can has cheezeburger?

Cat judge shows off the beautiful Abyssinian.

Eventually we cornered international cat judge Ron Summers. Ron – who oddly enough is allergic to cats – has been judging cat shows for over 20 years and came from Indiana to judge this particular event. We had a lot of questions for Ron and thankfully he took us under his wing and taught us a thing or two to prevent further embarassment at future cat shows.

Ron Summers - International cat show judge

We mentioned our “orange tabby” Freddie to Ron to break the ice. He looked at us as if we had showed up late for a go-see on America’s Next Top Model and said “No… don’t exist. I think you mean red. You have a red and cream tabby. And by the way there are no such thing as grey cats. Only blue.” Well now we know.

Rons love for judging cats inspired me to take a look into the rules and regulations and what exactly makes for a great looking cat. I think we owe it to our readers to take a harsh look at our very own Freddie and see just how he would match up against the most fierce competition.

Because Freddie is an adopted cat we had to do some preliminary research on what kind of cat he is. After much investigation we came to learn Freddie is a Siberian Red Tabby.

We judged Freddie based on the following CFA categories:
*Please click photos below to enlarge*


Shape – 15 points
Profile – 3 points
Ears – 5 points
Eyes – 5 points
Chin – 4 points
Muzzle – 10 points
Neck – 3 points

Freddie’s Total: 45 / 45


Torso – 10 points
Legs – 5 points
Feet – 3 points
Tail – 5 points

Freddie’s Total: 20 / 23 (Deductions for length of tail.)


Length – 5 points
Texture – 5 points
Pattern – 5 points
Colour – 5 points

Freddie’s Total: 20 / 20

No score but pleasant cats win hearts.

Freddie’s score: Winning 100% of hearts since 2010.

Freddie’s overall score: 85 / 88

Unfortunately genetics have dealt Freddie an unlucky card costing him any chance of winning Top Siberian Cat at the 43rd Annual Bluenose Cat Club Cat Show. In this category Freddie would be….disqualified. For what you ask? EXTRA THUMBS. Freddie’s winning assets actually cost him elimination in our mock judging. Lucky for him he can enter in the domestic house cat category and likely crush the competition.

Needless to say the 42nd Annual Bluenose Cat Club Cat Show was quite the experience. We had our eyes opened to world we only thought existed. And beyond the lack of cat fashion show, we give this cat show 0 thumbs up. Because if we gave it two we’d be disqualified.

42nd Annual Bluenose Cat Club Cat Show

8 Apr

Veronica Corningstone delved into the unknown when she covered the first Cat Fashion Show in 2004. Before then cats everywhere were forced to keep their love of fashion, tricks, treats and kitty litter behind closed doors.

Freddie sporting the ever stylish Cat Snuggie


Lucky for us the 42nd Annual Bluenose Cat Club Cat Show is upon us. On Saturday we will be breaking ground as local bloggers looking to gain insight into what makes a cat show popular enough to have been around for over four decades.

I’m going to be completely honest here. We have no idea what to expect. Is this Westminister Kennel Club style where cats on leashing will be prancing about? Will they be in clothes? Will there be tons of people wearing long skirt suits from 1980 or will the fashions be more along the lines of Northern Reflections circ 1994?

We have a lot of questions that need to be answered and we also have one furry little friend to pimp out. That’s right. Freddie. We will tell all who will listen to vote Freddie on his journey to become Top Thumbcat. So while you’re reading this – you likely should too. You can also now follow Freddie on Twitter! @FreddieThumbcat

So check back next week for our exclusive look at the 42nd Annual Bluenose Cat Club Cat Show. It’s sure to be the cat’s meow.


Knut the Eisbar

22 Mar

One day a couple of years ago I found myself googling “cute baby animals” and stumbled across a video of an adorable baby polar bear. At the time I didn’t know anything about him and I found myself looking into who this little Eisbar (polar bear in German) was. As it turned out it was Knut, the beloved polar bear from the Berlin Zoo.

The song from the video (see below) was ingrained in my mind and in only two minutes and eleven seconds he had won my heart.

When I learned on Saturday that Knut had died an overwhelming sadness swept over me. I thought of my childhood and the moment I saw my first polar bears at the Vancouver Aquarium. I loved how enormous yet graceful they were, and I could have watched them play for hours.

So I started reading more about Knut’s life to gain some closure. And rather than sit here and cry I’d like

Knut enjoys a fresh croissant.

to share some funny facts about our favourite little polar bear.

Knut’s mom was a cougar. Not the animal kind, but you know. A cougar. Tosca (a former circus performer) was 20 years old when she mated with Lars – aged 13.

Knut is half Canadian! Lars, Knut’s father was born in Canada and later moved to Munich – where he met Tosca.

Despite being known for being a fish-eater, Knut’s favourite treat was the croissant. I’m sure if he ever got the chance to make it back to Canada he would have stopped by Two if By Sea Cafe to enjoy a croissant with his dad.

Knut is a plus-size model. Setting a great example for big boned bears everywhere, Knut graced the cover of Vanity Fair weighing in at more than 286 lbs.

So there you have it. Some fun facts on our favourite bear who will sincerely be missed by all. Check out the video of Knut that started the love affair.

Freddie – The David Suzuki of Cats

23 Feb

Freddie is seen here sporting a stylish snuggie.

If there is one thing we love more than the inside scoop here at TNTs it’s animals. Extra points if the animal is wearing an outfit or doing something cool.

So today we bring you Freddie, The David Suzuki of cats. Freddie is a 9 month old orange tabby with quite a few tricks up his furry little sleeves. Not only does he have the longest tail searchable on the internet, he also has an abundance of thumbs on both his front and back paws. Freddie’s loves include rats on ropes, bananas, and saving the planet.

Last night, just like every other Tuesday night, we sat down to watch Glee. I will admit there were quite a few lights on in our apartment at the time, but Freddie being particularly “eco-friendly” was getting rather ticked. After ignoring several of his cries, he took matters into his own paws. Freddie targeted the one light switch in our home that controls not only the lamp, but the TV. Double jeopardy.