Meet The Cast

Sylvia – Editor in Chief

Spawned from the seed of an US Weekly magazine and nurtured by the likes of Perez Hilton and TMZ, Sylvia lives and breaths the inside scoop.  She was given the gift of the gab on her fourth birthday and again for Christmas in 1993… like Destiny’s Child, Sylvia was born to be!  Her knowledge is vast and bountiful ranging from Spidi’s sex life to the repercussions of the Franco Prussian War. When she’s not informing the world from a mountaintop or tweeting with Joe Zee, Sylvia can be found braiding her hair, designing outfits for her cat or standing beside Meagan Fox in various vampire movies.  Years of extensive ballet training instilled work ethic, discipline and grace in Sylvia.


This Needs to Stop turns 8 this year! Let’s take a minute to meet the crew who got this going all those years ago.


Sarah C.

Sarah and Sylvia share genes and therefore they share a love of Pop Culture. Unlike Sylvia, Sarah has more street cred. While her sister was making up dance routines to N’Sync songs, Sarah was writing mad lyrics under the alias “Lil’ Twiz”. Yes, she has so much street cred that name does in fact stem from her love of Twizzlers.


Amy is a 20-something marketing gal living in Sackville with a soft spot for TV shows intended for 14-year-olds, wine, puppies, Christmas, and cake. She has had two celebrity sightings: Pharell and Joel Plaskett. She’s good at making unintentional snotty faces andbad at keeping her language clean around kids. She also blogs at Rainy Saturday. Her husband does not approve of her obsession with the Internet.


Sarah spends her days working in the wonderful world of PR & communications. Her likes include travelling, the beach, the commercialization of Christmas, her scottish terrier, tv shows meant for teenagers, and of course the internets (all five of them). Sarah almost always has an opinion and she loves to share these in her now almost famous 30 second rants.


The Internets Joel Kelly

Joel is famous for asking “What’s a Chuck Bass?” and not knowing who Pharell is. Completely out of the pop culture loop, Gossip Girl both frightens and fascinates him: “These are supposed to be people in university?! I thought they were like 30!” He spends his days working in marketing and his evenings working on his video podcasts and blogs.

Considered the “heart and soul” of This Needs to Stop, Joel produces and edits the video blog.

Leslie Flemming

An ad mongrel by day and pop-culture enthusiast by night, Leslie thrives on healthy doses of celebrity gossip. Her likes (in no particular order) include: Malcolm Gladwell books, travelling, everything Kate Middleton, drinks, beaches, and drinking on beaches. She met the Backstreet boys in 1998, which makes her uniquely qualified to blog about the rich and famous.



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