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Oh, Hello There!

25 Nov

On September 27th, 2010 a group of people who came together through Twitter, shared with the internet, a video blog dedicated to Gossip Girl.

The concept was slightly short sighted but from it spawned friendships, laughter and many wonderful memories. The blog evolved from weekly gatherings to chat Gossip Girl to a place to share musings of all things Pop Culture.

The last five years has seen us all grow and evolve, all of us with major life changes under our belts.

I often think about this poor neglected blog and how it’s been a great outlet, a launchpad to start new friendships, and a place to get thoughts out when the 140 characters of Twitter hasn’t been enough.

So today I jump back on the blog. A lone contributor now, but each time I log in, I get to smile with memories of this group of people who I’ve been through a hell of a lot with.

Each Tuesday I’ll put pen to paper and get back in the saddle bringing you the ever important thoughts of my Pop Culture saturated brain.

With that, let’s get to it. My conflicting feelings about Beebs.

I’ve been proud of fighting the good fight for years now. I love boy bands, success stories, small towners turning big time. SUCCESS MAKES ME CRY WITH JOY but I couldn’t be come a Belieber. The antics, the are they or aren’t they with Selena, the immature dealings of a boy who hit fame faster than he could handle and just couldn’t stop.

Then, the change started to happen. It started with The Roast. The Roast was epic. Martha, Shaq, Kevin Hart. Justin took hit after hit from pop culture heavyweights and took it with dignity. Was his monologue at the end a bit too much? Yes. Did it start to make me wonder if he had changed? Yes again.


Don’t mind us, we’re just in matching shoes.

And then the new singles came. And just like that I was caught singing along to songs that I actually liked by a guy I fundamentally couldn’t stand.

Now he’s made his way through the talk show circuit, the likes of Ellen and he’s blown up the charts along the way. Has Bieber’s music matured, I’ll give this a resounding yes. Has he? Jury is still out.

In the meantime I will continue to belt out the words to “Love Yourself” any time I am convinced no one is listening.

Will I become a Belieber? We’ll see.