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An Open Letter to Andrea Swift

14 Sep

Dear Andrea,

It has been 11 years since October 3rd has been THIS important.


As I’m sure you’re well aware, your daughter will be gracing Toronto with her presence, and I’m guessing you will be there too.

Let me start by saying, this is an abnormal act for me – this kind of open declaration. While I certainly have proclaimed my fan-girl status on social media, I need more than 140 characters to explain why October 3rd will soon become the most important day in this calendar year.

Last year upon finding out concert dates for the 1989 tour, my four girlfriends and my sister decided it only made sense for them to visit me in Toronto to take in this epic event.

Over the past year since our tickets have been purchased, a lot has happened in your life and in ours. Your battle with cancer was announced, your daughter took on the world’s largest company to fight for the right of musicians everywhere to be paid for their music, Olivia Benson came into your family and the #GirlSquad was born.

I am lucky enough to have my own #GirlSquad. Five of whom will be in attendance with me on October 3rd. All of whom are flying half way across the country to see this show.

While my #GirlsSquad isn’t on the cover of any magazine, taking on music giants or selling out stadiums, I’m pretty darn proud of who we are.

In the last year my Sister worked hard to build a great career for herself despite suffering from a serious learning disability and other #GirlSquad members have worked full time jobs while working on their MBA, worked full time and come home to be a kick-ass Mom, finally won the right to have their fiancé live in Canada permanently, and we’ve all worked our butts off to be successful in our careers, friendships and relationships.

After reading the Vanity Fair article on Taylor, I was really taken aback on what this #GirlSquad really was. It isn’t just a collection of beautiful women pretending to pose in a perfect kitchen to help generate more fame, it seems to truly be a group of women who care about each other and genuinely want to support each other as they move through their unique place in this world. That struck me as being incredibly normal, despite how abnormal all of their lives are.

So, I write you today because on October 3rd, my #GirlSquad will be gathered to take all of this in. To be surrounded by thousands of other “Swifties” as we sing and dance our faces off, we will also be in the presence of an artist we all love, not only because her songs are killer, but because she is kind to others, walks through NYC with her cat and wears knit sweaters from her fans.

The fact of the matter Andrea, is that a person like this becomes who they are because of their parents. Thank you for raising someone that at 13 or 30 we can look up to, be inspired by, and have fun with. So thank you, for making October 3rd possible.

Just in case you want to say hello, we’ll be the ones in section 215 row 2.

xoxo Sylvia