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Overalls and Fanny Packs

5 Aug

A while back I saw of picture of Jessi Cruickshank sporting overalls. She looked SO cute in them that I thought, I MUST HAVE OVERALLS AGAIN!

Most of my younger years were spent wearing snazzy Oshkosh overalls in varying colours and patterns, and then when I was 10 I went into a denim overall phase.

Don’t even get me started on the Tommy Jeans overalls trend that ran rampant through my Jr. High School. My parents refused to shell out the big bucks for the Tommy Hilfiger overalls and suggested I save up babysitting money to get them.

Not only did I take them up on this challenge, I began my career as a shopper of the finer things on a budget. A local kids store sold Tommy Jeans overalls for kids. Being a shrimp at the time the largest kids size (which looked exactly like the smallest ladies size) fit me and they were about half the price!

So the day came and I got my Tommy overalls and felt like the coolest kid around.

So naturally when I saw Jessi in the overalls I wondered if I too should bring these back into my life for the fourth time.

I was discussing this with my Mother-In-Law and her statement put me back into place. “If that girl can look that cute in OVERALLS, think of how cute she would look in other clothes! You don’t need overalls. Overalls are for working.” Good. Point. I now don’t own overalls in my late 20’s. That is for the best I think.


Look at Jessi looking all cute in her overalls.


Overalls in their natural habitat.

Now let’s move on to another trend that I can’t say I was ever crazy about but has never truly seemed to die.

Let’s talk about The Fanny Pack. The words alone make me shudder a bit. I get it. Having a bag you can wear on your body to keep your hands free is a beautiful thing. But it doesn’t need to be this way!!!

Rhianna has decided to take it upon herself to make The Fanny Pack cool. Surely Rhianna of all people has someone to carry her bag, keep her things safe, pass her lip gloss when she needs it. But no. She brought Gucci in to this to try and make this seem OK.


For a minute there you were like hey that’s cool. I want one right?

Honestly, I think her Gucci fanny pack is not so bad at all. The problem is this. If Rhianna (or any stylish trend-setting celeb) wears a fanny pack, the rest of the world now thinks it’s ok to continue to wear fanny packs.

They are pulling out their 100% polyester neon green gems from 1980 and saying things like “I knew these were going to come back in style one day!” and shoving all of their precious goods into a pouch attached to their waists.

There are so many alternatives to The Fanny Pack that are far more fashionable and even more practical. Cross body bags, messenger bags, back packs, your pockets, the list goes on. Please, choose your bag wisely.