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We’ll Miss You Cory

14 Jul

This morning I woke to the news of Cory Monteith passing away and I must admit I’m pretty torn up about all of this.

To be honest I didn’t know for the longest time that he struggled with addiction. You never heard reports of erratic behaviour or saw pictures of him that would make you question his sobriety.

In a world full of celebrities who are publicly on a downward spiral constantly resisting help, Cory seemed to know his demons and  tried to tackle them which made me want to see him overcome them even more.

I just re-watched his 2011 interview with George Stroumboulopoulos and Strombo addresses the fact that usually fame leads to the deterioration of a person struggling with addiction, but in this case it seemed to help him want to get better. Monteith seemed genuine in saying that his drug addiction stemmed from not fitting in as a kid which makes this news all the more heartbreaking.

The family at Glee seemed like a closely knit one and the place where he finally fit in. So much so that he even found love with Lea Michelle there. With a huge ensemble cast like this, so many people were there to build him up and support him and I can’t imagine the incredible sense of loss and pain that comes with the death of someone you were rooting for so very badly.

My heart is with Cory Monteith today. By tackling bullying, gay rights issues, love, loss, and even bad decisions as Finn Hudson on Glee –  he gave so many other kids who felt out of place someone to look up to.

He will be missed.




MS Bike Tour!

10 Jul

On July 27th and 28th I will be embarking on the Windsor to Wolfville (Nova Scotia) leg of the MS Bike Tour.

I’m really excited to take on this new challenge as I’m not a seasoned road biker but I think this is an amazing way to support a great cause.

I know that there are SO many organizations out there that people lend their support to – so I’m trying to be a little different in how I go about raising money.

We are doing the bike tour to support a local family in HRM who has been significantly impacted by this disease. So I want to offer this to a local business:


For a donation of $250 and a t-shirt ( or other swag that will allow me to still ride a bike safely) with your company name / info on it – I will sport your gear while doing the 50km bike ride from Windsor to Wolfville.


What’s in it for you? I will not be a speedy biker so you have 50km of slow bike riding along a well seen route to gain exposure for your business AND you can feel good about doing it.

If this is something that interests you please leave a comment below with an email address to get in touch!

If this level of support is not for you but you’d still like to donate to our team please visit .