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Holiday Treats – The Dairy-Free-Style Remix

2 Dec

It is December which means we can finally spread Christmas cheer by singing loudly for all to hear!

But while we are spreading Christmas cheer we often tend to be eating lots of treats that are often filled with copious amounts of dairy.

For kids like myself who can no longer enjoy the fruits of cows’s milk this can be a really frustrating time of year. You can remember the delicious taste of eggnog, the melt in your mouth deliciousness of your Mother-In-Law’s shortbread cookie recipe, and yet you can partake in none of it!

Thankfully there are more options than ever to get snacking this holiday season, and a lot of them taste AS GOOD as the real thing.

I just wanted to share some of my favourite alternatives for holidays treats that us dairy-free folks can enjoy:

– Starbucks Soy Peppermint Mocha: I had no idea but there is no dairy in the chocolate syrup used to make a Soy Peppermint Mocha. So go ahead – enjoy one of these holiday favourites without fear!

– Cheese Platters: I love cheese. Always have, always will. Delicious goat cheese options make a great a good alternative to traditional cheese plats. Goats cheese cranberry logs, goats brie, goats mozza can all be put together on a plate for a delicious appy for holiday guests.

– Shortbread Cookies: This is my ultimate holiday weakness. Take your favourite shortbread recipe and replace the regular butter with goats milk butter or lactose free margarine. Last year I tried the lactose free margarine version and they didn’t quite cut it. This year I made the goats milk version and certain members of my household couldn’t even tell the difference from mine to their Mom’s own!

– Hot Chocolate: Thankfully marshmallows are dairy free. But what good is a marshmallow without a hot cup of cocoa to accompany it? Delicious and not so bad for you version. 1 cup of coconut milk mixed with 1 tsp of cocoa. The coconut milk is sweet enough that you don’t even need to add any sugar. Whisk together, throw in a marshmallow and enjoy!

And last but not least. Egg Nog. There are some dairy free alternatives that you can enjoy if you have a hankering for egg nog. The two I’ve found locally are Noel Nog (Almond Milk Based) and Soy Nog. Both of which taste pretty darn good although not QUITE authentic. Add a pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg to the top and you will find your treat tasting a bit closer to the original.

So there you have it. My ideas for a dairy free holiday season!! If you have any other ideas let’s hear them!