Amanda Bynes – Fall From Grace

9 Sep

Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan have FAR too much in common. Both started off as adorable child stars, and both have now worked their way into the drunken disheveled worst drivers in Young Hollywood category.

After getting sucked into a marathon of questionable movies on the weekend ( Just IMDB Sunday’s at Tiffany’s… I dare you… and yes I watched the whole thing..) I stumbled upon “What a Girl Wants”. This is certainly not Amanda’s finest piece of work, but it was cute and good for the kiddies. After spending two hours in 2003, I realized how sad it was that this hilarious young girl turned out to be such a train wreck. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN?!

Looking through her work, she actually seemed to have such a different path lined up for herself. Her sketch comedy “The Amanda Show” was actually pretty decent considering she was only 13 years old.

Another guilty pleasure of mine was “What I Like About You” where her and Jennie Garth played the sister equivalent of The Gilmore Girls.

So how did this hilarious, and seemingly normal child star start making headlines recently for repeatedly drinking and driving, and getting involved in hit and runs? I have no sweet clue. Maybe Amanda and LiLo have some sick contest running on how many times they can get away with doing ridiculously dangerous and stupid crap? Or maybe her acting dry spell was enough to get her on the sauce in a huge way.

Regardless of how she got there, I still can’t help but be sad for one of my favourite teeny boppers going awry.

So let’s remember the old Amanda and a still super hot and fabulous Channing Tatum. Le Sigh.


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