Sylvia and Jordan’s big day

6 Jul

We have documented a number of milestone moments over the past few years. We have had birthdays, engagements, new jobs and the birth of the best baby I know. Tomorrow will mark another of these with Sylvia’s wedding. We couldn’t be more excited to get dressed in our finest and celebrate this very special occasion but first we want to send Sylvia off in true This Needs to Stop fashion – with a list.

As Sylvia and Jordan get ready to enter into the wonderful world of newlyweds we wanted to offer some words of wisdom – and since Amy is the only one of us that is married, we felt it was only right that she provide you with some tips

1. Do go to bed angry. Whoever came up with the advice about not going to bed angry is a fool. I do my best sleeping when I’m embroiled in a festering rage. When you decide not to go to bed angry, you end up “talking” about your “feelings” and the next thing you know it’s 4:30 AM and you just found out WAY too much about your significant other’s preteen summer camp experiences and fear of seahorses. Then everyone’s tired and the cranky cycle continues. Go to bed pissed off, sleep on it and chances are you’ll wake up and A) not be able to remember why you were mad or B) realize the solution to your problem came to you in a dream.

2. Do not go on Oprah and jump on the furniture and profess your love for your husband or wife, no matter how great they are. It will not end well.

3. Do consume a lot of cupcakes on your wedding night. Like, four cupcakes (each) is a good amount. You don’t need to fit into a fancy suit or dress anymore. In fact, #3 should just be, “Do let yourself go”. Throw all but the most basic of personal hygiene to the wind.

4. Do have a response baked for the “So when are you having kids?” questions. Because you WILL be asked. Probably beginning during your wedding reception. Our answer was that Peter wasn’t allowed within 50 metres of any children but once his sentence was up we’d consider it.

5. Do create a joint Facebook account so you can keep tabs on each other’s online activity. Plus, when SylviaNJordan Beirnes comments on a post, nobody will actually know who’s leaving the comment and it doesn’t matter because YOU ARE NOW ONE! If you really want to have a solid relationship, do the same with your email address.

Congratulations to you both, we couldn’t be more excited for you. This world needs more love, love that is simple and lasting and this is exactly what you have. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

(Ps We are sorry in advance for crying at the wedding)


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