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The Bee’s Knees – Hanson Plays Halifax

1 May

Just a days ago my long time friend Ben Boudreau (@yelphalifax / @Bboudreau) Tweeted me the best news I’ve been tweeted in a seriously long time, if not ever.

Hanson. Is coming. To Halifax.

When I moved to Nova Scotia in Grade 5 I recall a girl in my class with an orange CD that she’d bring to class. This was of course Hanson’s breakout album “Middle of Nowhere” that the smash hit “Mmmbop” came from. Then I remember hanging out at my older cousins that summer and they introduced me to the Much Music Countdown. Were they boys? Were they girls? Who cared. I was obsessed.

After a hugely successful Christmas album called “Snowed In” Hanson fell off the radar and quickly reemerged with “This Time Around” in 2000.

Then, my favourite Hanson album came out in 2004. Underneath. If you were to look at my iPod right now you would find about 5 different versions of “Penny & Me”. I listened to this album on repeat for almost an entire flight across Canada one time. I was angsty. I had a lot of emotions. (The way back I believe had me listening to Snow Patrol on repeat – surely whoever sat next to me on that flight dealt with a crying hot mess.)

I digress. I obviously don’t need to regurgitate Hanson’s discography to you, but it is INCREDIBLY important to note that HANSON IS COMING TO HALIFAX. This is not only important because finally I will get to see these boys that I loved so very much as a teeny bopper, but I will be one degree of separation closer to Gossip Girl. WTF you say? Well, Hanson had a track in the season Premiere of Gossip Girl last year. If they’re relevant enough for Gossip Girl they’re relevant enough for me.

So now begins my quest. Can I get Hanson to do a “Bee’s Knee’s” segment for This Needs to Stop? I’m sure as hell going to try my hardest.