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30 Day Yoga Challenge – Complete!

3 Apr

I keep saying how quickly the month of March flew by and it did. March is usually that lame month where the weather is garbage in Atlantic Canada and we dream of sunshine and beach days.

I sincerely think that doing this challenge distracted me from that and not only that got me even more prepared than I’ve ever been for the summer!

I mentioned before that I didn’t weigh myself throughout this challenge because I had no benchmark of what to expect. That and I’m a believer in feeling good in your skin regardless of the scale number. I’m really glad I didn’t because on the scale I only lost 3-4 pounds in that 30 days. However, I went to try my wedding dress on on Saturday and I couldn’t believe the difference in how I felt in it. My arms felt toned and my back more defined. Overall I feel better than I have in a really really long time.

On Wednesday I had to do my one and only back to back class. I was terrified. I kept asking people for tips and then I realized I needed to stop psyching myself out and just do it. I must say that back to back classes while a large time commitment in a day was WAY better than I expected. I took Kristen’s advice and sat out a couple of the second sets of postures in the first class so I didn’t overdo it and my second class I was warmed up and able to get through the whole thing.

On Friday at the end of class Kristen and Katrina both spoke to all of us about how proud they were of everyone who did the challenge. I would be lying if I said I didn’t get teary-eyed (which was more of a salt water sweat cry than anything). I think the reason I got so emotional was that in the last 30 days I pushed through a lot of stuff to make sure I got to class. Getting to class made me feel awesome and also really cleared my head in an insanely busy time in my life.

After class everyone who did the challenge enjoyed a beer and chatted about their experience – there were some amazing people in the challenge that I never got to meet because I was too disgustingly sweaty after class to talk to them! So hopefully I will continue to run into my new yoga-friends in class!

I was happy to get out for a run yesterday as I had started to really miss it – but I am going to get to Bikram at least twice a week to maintain the efforts of my hard work and to get out of my head on the days where my brain is going a million miles a hour.

So, a HUGE thank you to Kristen for putting me up to this and to her and Katrina for leading me through an amazing month. I cannot express enough how much I gained from this experience.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got 30 days of dinners to cook for my fiancé to make up for his culinary efforts in March 🙂