30 Day Yoga Challenge – Home Stretch!

28 Mar

I cannot believe it is March 28th already! Time flies when you’re sweating a lot… or something like that.

Last week I missed Thursday and Friday’s classes due to our marriage course and a work function on Friday. It was REALLY strange not being there for two days in a row especially since it’s become so much of my routine / life in the past 28 days. It was a well deserved break though and I could feel myself getting tired and sore leading into mid-week. My 2 day hiatus left me recharged for my double -down weekend.

I got through that fairly easily. Saturday morning classes are always the hardest for me because I don’t get the same time to hydrate as I do for the evening classes.

Today is the day though. I do my first back-to-back classes to make up for missing Friday. I’m slightly terrified but have packed two sets of clothes and will be extra cautious to drink enough water / electrolytes today. Once I get through today (classes 28 and 29) I take tomorrow off and finish up on Friday!

For those who have asked how or if I’m going to keep Bikram Yoga in my life there is no doubt I’m going to continue going. The way I’m able to decompress / de-stress is amazing and so good for my incredibly over-active brain right now. My goal is to continue going twice a week and mix that in with running (because I have found myself missing that this month). Hopefully combining the two will be a great way for me to mix up my workouts and stay healthy!

However, if I’m in a pile on the floor after tonight’s classes I may re-think the answer above 🙂 I kid, I kid.


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