30 Day Yoga Challenge – Laughter is the best medicine

16 Mar

This week has been exceptionally challenging. I got a cold last weekend (as I previously whined about) that I can’t seem to shake. Doctors always tell you to stay well hydrated when you’re not feeling so hot, but it’s always harder than it sounds, especially when you just don’t feel like drinking anything.

So needless to say I haven’t felt well hydrated this week which paired with my lack of energy made getting to class incredibly tough.

I have also noticed this week though that my focus was completely off making poses that I felt like I was getting better at go backwards a couple of steps. I still haven’t had to take a break from any of the poses during class, but I had to blow my nose far too many times to keep breathing which is distracting to myself and to others in the class.

I must say that when I was there, besides feeling thirstier than normal, classes were not unbearable, and when I was done I felt much better for going.

Despite a tougher week, we had a hilarious breakthrough in the change-room after class on Wednesday night. One of the girls in class who I always find to be incredibly stoic and good at Bikram Yoga and I started chatting about what we eat before class. She told me she has to wait until after class to eat dinner because by the time she gets to cobra she feels like she will “throw up in her mouth” otherwise. We all lost it laughing because we have all felt the same way. 

We exchanged gross stories for a few minutes and all had a really good laugh. It was a great way to end class because everyone felt a lot more human to me. We go through these classes in silence, and then we’re so sweaty by the time it’s over you’re in no mood for chatting it up and making new friends, so you have no idea the struggles that another person might be having in class even if they make it look effortless.

As I move into the 16th of the month I have only completed 13 classes because of missing Thursdays for our marriage prep course. So this weekend I’ll need to double down on classes which will be a challenge for sure. I will report back when the weekend is through!


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