Bikram Yoga – 30 Day Challenge

29 Feb

In November Kristin Johnston opened Halifax’s first Bikram Yoga studio on Grafton Street (above Pizza Corner where Coconut Grove used to be). She has transformed a space that previously housed jagerbomb-fests into a place of relaxation and wellness.

Having done Bikram Yoga in Vancouver I was excited to check this studio out when it opened. I was pleasantly surprised as to how gorgeous it was and how she truly made the most of such a huge space. No waiting in lines in the cold outside before class starts, a huge locker room area complete with all the post-yoga supplies you could think of and the class itself was conducted in a relaxing manner that didn’t make you feel like a newbie even if you hadn’t done this in a while.

So because we at TNTS like to stay hopeful about Halifax despite it’s currently trying state (namely Mayors, strikes, etc…) I thought it would be great to profile Kristin and Bikram Yoga and her little piece of goodness in this city.

Starting tomorrow I (Sylvia), will be taking the 30 day yoga challenge for the month of March. (That sounded like I was pledging – probably accurate since I’m very excited but just a tad freaked out). I’m going to check in every couple of days to update on how this is going.

It should be interesting since I’m not only working but in full fledged wedding planning mode, but I’m really excited to see where I get to in the next month!

You still have one day to register for the challenge so check out the Bikram Yoga website for more info!



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