Mrs. Parliament’s Night Out – Neptune Theatre

31 Jan

We had the pleasure of checking out Norm Fosters latest production “Mrs. Parliament’s Night Out” at Neptune Theatre. Not knowing too much about the play we went with no expectations what so ever, but figured at the very least that Sheila McCarthy (from Little Mosque on the Prairie) would be somewhat entertaining.

In case you, like us knew nothing of the play before reading this – here is the synopsis:

When Teresa’s husband forgets their 32nd wedding anniversary she realizes it’s time to stop waiting for her husband’s attention and put herself first.

Will her husband notice the new Teresa? Will he care? This new comedy from Norm Foster asks what it takes to keep a marriage fresh – and questions if it’s even possible.¬†Starring TV’s Sheila McCarthy.

The first thing we noticed was the set. It was modern and retro at the same time and was made up of several moving screens and white frames that were lit up with all different colours. Each scene was set by rolling one focal piece of the scene (grocery store checkout, watch case, restaurant tables) and you were left to fill in the blanks about everything else.

The cast was fantastic. Each person in the play with the exception of Mrs. Parliament took on a variety of characters which were so well played that you forgot you were watching the same people over and over again. Their comedy was natural and the roles fit each one to a tee.

My personal favourite was her grumpy old neighbour who spoke exactly like my favourite Great Uncle Teddy. Sarcastic and sour but at the same time ridiculously endearing.

Sheila McCarthy was the true show stealer. Her innocence as a housewife in a small town was so charming, but her quest to find true happiness was even more so. This naivety paired with the eccentric characters she encounters on her journey have you buckled over with laughter more often than not.

So if you’re looking for a good laugh, and some great live theatre we highly recommend checking this one out!

Mrs. Parliament’s Night Out runs at Neptune Theatre until February 19th, 2012.


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