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Mrs. Parliament’s Night Out – Neptune Theatre

31 Jan

We had the pleasure of checking out Norm Fosters latest production “Mrs. Parliament’s Night Out” at Neptune Theatre. Not knowing too much about the play we went with no expectations what so ever, but figured at the very least that Sheila McCarthy (from Little Mosque on the Prairie) would be somewhat entertaining.

In case you, like us knew nothing of the play before reading this – here is the synopsis:

When Teresa’s husband forgets their 32nd wedding anniversary she realizes it’s time to stop waiting for her husband’s attention and put herself first.

Will her husband notice the new Teresa? Will he care? This new comedy from Norm Foster asks what it takes to keep a marriage fresh – and questions if it’s even possible. Starring TV’s Sheila McCarthy.

The first thing we noticed was the set. It was modern and retro at the same time and was made up of several moving screens and white frames that were lit up with all different colours. Each scene was set by rolling one focal piece of the scene (grocery store checkout, watch case, restaurant tables) and you were left to fill in the blanks about everything else.

The cast was fantastic. Each person in the play with the exception of Mrs. Parliament took on a variety of characters which were so well played that you forgot you were watching the same people over and over again. Their comedy was natural and the roles fit each one to a tee.

My personal favourite was her grumpy old neighbour who spoke exactly like my favourite Great Uncle Teddy. Sarcastic and sour but at the same time ridiculously endearing.

Sheila McCarthy was the true show stealer. Her innocence as a housewife in a small town was so charming, but her quest to find true happiness was even more so. This naivety paired with the eccentric characters she encounters on her journey have you buckled over with laughter more often than not.

So if you’re looking for a good laugh, and some great live theatre we highly recommend checking this one out!

Mrs. Parliament’s Night Out runs at Neptune Theatre until February 19th, 2012.


The Bachelor Comes to Canada

24 Jan

The breaking news yesterday was that The Bachelor is coming to Canada. In all fairness, the show technically did come to Canada before when Vancouverite Jillian Harris was the Bachelorette.

But regardless, City TV has announced it will be developing its own version of the American Series. Given that they are searching for single ladies to audition, we can assume that the main man looking for love has likely already been identified.

When the American show started they were happy to bring on no-namers, but as time has passed you’ve either got to be a Bachelor/ette Alum or somewhat famous to get on the show now.

So the question on everyone’s mind is WHO WILL IT BE?!

Our secret hope was that JTT would come out of the woodwork and finally admit he’s been living in Canada for YEARS and that he is still searching for love – but the chances of that happening are slim to none. Although if it did happen I think Tiger Beat would be back in business.

Flare Magazine Tweeted that they thought perhaps hockey bad boy Sean Avery might be a contender. Frankly I don’t think that’ll happen and here’s why.

1) Sean Avery is not a nice dude. His hockey career is going down the drain mostly due to horrible on-ice antics. He’s been arrested for battery AND uttered racial slurs. Sure ladies love some douchebaggery in their lives, but I think Sean is a little much.

2) His ex-girlfriends are knockouts Elisha Cuthbert, and Rod Stewart’s ex-wife Rachel Hunter. Who could possibly want to follow in their footsteps? You’d forever feel ugly no matter how much of a babe you are.

3) He’s lived in LA for a long time. His family probably still lives in Ontario but I doubt his Canadian connection is enough to make him a front runner.

Other contenders:

Rick the Temp: Rick Campanelli is loved by girls who grew up in the 90’s and would therefore be in the mix to win his heart. His sweet VJ skills and frosted tips had girls throwing themselves at him for a long time. Divorced a couple of years ago – it might be time for Rick to get his groove back.

Jian Ghomeshi: Apparently Jian has also been speculated as the new Bachelor – and frankly I don’t think he would be a bad choice. He’s smart, a lover of the arts, and has great flowing hair.

Jesse Palmer: You might remember that Jesse was already on the American Bachelor BUT he’s still single AND he’s gorgeous. Will Jesse return to Canada to find love?

Ben Nemtin: Ben has some serious street cred. Born and bred on Vancouver Island, this Canadian gem from The Buried Life is not only a do-gooder, but has played basketball with Obama. Since The Buried Life will no longer be on MTV Ben will have some time on his hands. The more I think of it the more I realize that I will be crying into my wine every Monday if Ben is not the Canadian Bachelor.

So there you have it – my top picks for The Canadian Bachelor. Who do you think it will be?

Celebrity Doppelgangers – Animal Edition

9 Jan

Since our initial post regarding Celebrity Doppelgangers, many readers have let us know who else they feel looks oddly alike in Hollywood. Most impressive was a friend’s insight into the world of celebrity animals. I’m not talking Paris Hilton’s dog looks like Kiki Palmer’s dog – I’m talking dogs who are famous who look like other dogs who are famous.

Let’s start in Golden Retriever Land. The dog who played “Comet” in Full House went by the name of “Buddy the Dog” – clever, I know. After wrapping up his final season on Full House he went on to play Air Bud in the first two Air Bud movies. Sadly, Buddy the Dog passed away shortly after the second film – which left producers no choice but to replace him with none other than his celebrity doppelganger, strangely named Air Bud.

This child and dog combo has earned an insanely large chunk of change over the years.

Air Bud plays rugby. That's a fact.

Next we will move into the world of little dogs. In 1995 the world welcomed the kids’ TV series “Wishbone” into their homes. Wishbone’s IMDB description is far better than anything I could write or think of so I have chosen to borrow it instead.

Soccer (May 171988 – June 262001) was a Jack Russell terrier dog actor. A veteran of many television commercials for companies like Nike Athletics and Mighty Dog Dog Food, he became famous portraying the talking dog Wishbone in the PBS TV series of the same name. Chosen from out of more than 100 dogs who auditioned for the role, Soccer appeared in almost every episode of the show during its 19951998 run. He lived with his trainer, Jackie Kaptan, on the Plano, Texas ranch where the Wishbone series was filmed.

Whoa whoa. WHAT?! Over 100 other dogs AUDITIONED for the role of Wishbone and this little guy was the most impressive? How could you even decide?! If I were in grade 9 and I could job shadow anyone for bring your daughter to work day, I would track down the casting director for animal-based TV shows and movies and demand that they let me watch them shatter the dreams of puppies everywhere just so they can make a buck. I’m sure I would just cry all day but I’d like to see what kind of person has that job. I’m guessing a mean one that hates puppies.

I digress. Wishbones casting director obviously knew that “Soccer” the Jack Russell would be a hit, and sure enough another little Jack Russell popped onto the silver screen in 1996. The TV show Frasier introduced canine friend “Eddie” in the shows 3rd season. Eddie is actually “Enzo” the dog whose father “Moose” was also in the biz.

Stealing milk bones from the rich and giving to the poor.

Enzo, you adorable little cash cow you.

Enzo’s IMDB profile trumps Soccer’s hugely and poor little Soccer never made it onto the big screen. Was it stage fright? Or was it that no one could tell the difference between the two? We will never know.

New Year’s Twitsolutions

3 Jan

New Year’s resolutions are a nice idea… eat better, work out more, stick to a budget, save the world… all good things to do. I haven’t really settled on a real life resolution yet, so in the meantime I’m making some Twitter-related resolutions. So here are the improvements I’m working on in 2012.

5. Find out what a “MT” is. It took me a while to figure out RT. This will take some investigative work.

4. Report spammers. Often. When your picture is of a celebrity and your Twitter name ends in a series of numbers, I’m on to you!

Oh really IsaacBritsch454? You may look like Dr. House, but I never tweeted such a thing. Leave my name out of your faux retweets!

3. More pictures. People like pictures. What kind of pictures will I post? I can’t say for sure yet. I don’t have a pet or a baby or anything cool like that, so I’ll work on finding some great subject matter. Suggestions welcome.

I'm not very influential about the New York Jets. But influential, nontheless.

2. Not feel so distressed when my Klout has dropped dramatically. On one hand, Klout is kind of fun. Yet somehow I find my mood can be altered by a massive drop in my Klout score.  Why oh why does this arbitrary online rating get under my skin so? I have no idea – especially given the fact that it appears to be completely baseless. Klout, how did you deduce that I am an expert on the New York Jets? I cannot currently, nor could I ever, name  a singular player on that team. Where are you getting your information?! So I’m done with you. (I mean, I’ll still sign in… sporadically… and feel good when my score goes up.) But I’m done worrying about it.

Kelly Oxford is a great tweeter. I anticipate that with my new and improved tweets, I'll soon have 275,000+ followers too.

1. Try to tweet mainly funny/interesting/useful things. I know that what’s funny to me may not be funny to you. I also know that boring, banal tweets sometimes just make their way into the daily rotation. But given that I greatly appreciate a hilarious tweet or a link to something cool, I will try to be a model tweeter (not to be confused with a model who tweets – that’s a resolution for 2013).