Weeping Wednesday – Michael Jordan Edition

30 Nov

Growing up my dear friend Tara always wanted a puppy. Did it matter that she was allergic to pretty much every animal under the sun and slept with an epipen under her pillow? No it did not. Tara begged for a puppy day after day, year after year but alas, no puppy.

After an impressive report card season in Grade 8, Tara thought that perhaps now was the time that she would be rewarded for her efforts, and with what? A puppy of course. So each day Tara burst through the door of her home hoping that there would be her new best friend, and day after day she was let down. Fridays were especially  difficult because she assumed that if she were to get a puppy it would likely come on a Friday to ensure she had the weekend to bond with her new pet.

One Friday Tara walked into her home with baited breath only to find her mom and sister waiting for her. They asked Tara to come upstairs because they had a surprise for her. This was it!! The puppy was upstairs in her room!!

As Tara rounded the corner her heart sank as she saw what was waiting for her. No, it was not a puppy, not even close. Instead she was greeted with a life sized cut out of Michael Jordan. 100% hypoallergenic. To this day our poor Tara has never had a puppy. She does have a sick slam dunk though.


One Response to “Weeping Wednesday – Michael Jordan Edition”

  1. Ryan Cairns December 13, 2011 at 11:38 am #

    I want that MJ cut out!!!!!

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