Big Day Downtown 2011 Launches

18 Aug

We at are always happy to find out that we have fans – in fact, we love it! (We have been called a lot of things but modest is not one of them.) When the kind people at Downtown Halifax asked us to take part in this year’s Big Day Downtown promotion we couldn’t have been more excited, because one of the other things we really like is spending money that isn’t ours.

Last evening we attended the official launch at the Middle Spoon, it was a great event with lots of delicious treats. So if you haven’t been to the Middle Spoon yet, I suggest you make it a priority. We were given our Big Day Downtown Visa and instructions to go out and have fun. We are excited to start planning our activities, but we are also hoping that you, our readers, can offer some suggestions!

Tell us some of your favorite things to do in downtown Halifax and keep checking back to find out what we’ve decided on.


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