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Bee’s Knees: NYC Edition

6 May

I recently spent a long weekend in New York City with my lovely hubby. Let me preface by saying few things cushion the blow of entering a new decade like going to one of your favourite cities for a few days. I forgot about turning into an old wizened troll and was able to focus on fun things like eating cupcakes and buying stuff.

This was my second time in New York and it was just as much fun this time around. I will never get over the sheer size of the city and the fact that there’s just I think you could spend a solid six months there just looking at things and still not get to do everything.

The trip started off on a promising note with an early celebrity sighting: Julian (Jean Paul Tremblay) of Trailer Park Boys fame was on our flight. He did not have a rum and coke in hand, sadly, just a BlackBerry. However, this would be our first and last celebrity sighting of the weekend unless you count the Naked Cowboy in Times Square. I didn’t see him, however Peter spotted him doing his thing when he went to pick up our Broadway tickets. I was in the hotel room soaking my feet in the bathtub. (Do NOT wear Zellers flats when you’re going to be spending 12 hours a day walking around. THAT needs to stop).

Some NYC Bee’s Knees highlights include:

Modern Art.

  This is a thing. This is a stack of hay bales at MoMA. Yes, this is art. OK, apparently there’s a needle hidden in it somewhere, (get it, needle in a haystack?) But yes, you too can create your own modern art masterpiece. All you need are some bales of hay.

Barbie Worship.

  Yes, that IS a life-size Barbie house inside Toys R Us! This two-story masterpiece caught my attention but I didn’t go inside due to throngs of excited little girls (and moms) on the loose.

Magnolia Cupcakes.

 Hubba hubba. I remembered these babies from Sex and the City and added them to our “must do” list before we left for New York. Definitely worth the wait in line.

This Needs to Stop: White Castle

 One of the top three worst meals I’ve had in my life. Definitely the worst that didn’t end in legit food poisoning. So bad, in fact, I have an entire post on my blog dedicated to the atrocity.

We did other things than eat, look at toys, and make fun of art. We saw the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Lion King on Broadway, actual “real” art at MoMA, went on a carriage ride in Central Park, and did lots of walking and shopping. I feel like Ann Taylor Loft deserves an honorary Bee’s Knees on account of everything in that store being completely adorable and appropriate for work and for fun things. Bring ATL to Canada!

The Bee’s Knees – San Francisco edition

4 May

I would like to start this post with a big thank you to my blog friends for being super amazing and post a lot of great content while I have been away. I think that it is safe to say that our new theme song did more then fill the gap of my absence.

I had the pleasure to travel to San Francisco this week to meet with some of my new friends at – it was a busy few days of meetings but my colleague and travelling partner Jon (@jonmcginley) and I had one day to see the sights and enjoy the city.  I have complied a list of some of our favoritve spots on our very quick tour of the city.

China Town – and more specifically Hong Kong Clay Pot Restaurant on Grant Ave. Someone had suggested another restaurant in China Town but upon arrival we learned there was an hour wait, we decided to instead consult Yelp (honestly what did we do before Yelp, wander around like fools, that’s what). Following Yelp’s suggestion we headed up the steep steps, and I have to admit a few members of our group were a bit skeptical but once the food arrived, we were thrilled. The food was great, and really reasonably priced.

Double Deck Bus Tours – yeah, you read that correctly. We only have 5 or 6 hours to see the city and the bus tour was the best way to do it. It hit all the highlights and let us hop on and off. I may be suffering a slight wind burn on my face due to the windy conditions in the city today, and I was starting to think that I might blow off the bus as we flew across the Golden Gate bridge but otherwise it was great way to cover a lot of ground in a short time.

Tee Off Bar and Grill – This is a 5 star dive bar – it was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and it did not disappoint. The atmosphere was exactly what you expect in a dive bar, I believe my chair was an old office chair from the 80s, and the carpet looked like astro turf but the server, Curtis was a treat. The food was amazing and it was a great experience. The bar is located off the beaten path but it was certainly worth the effort.

Twitter – ok I am going to be a dork here and I am sorry in advance but while I was in San Francisco I had the opportunity to have lunch(they have meals provided for them, along with snacks and a coffee bar) at Twitter. That’s right, I had lunch at Twitter! Ok so at least I warned you. I have been working with some of the great folks at Twitter for a while on some various opportunities and I finally had the chance to meet them in person. It was a great time and I got a tour of their offices (and yes, their offices are exactly what you would expect, super modern, super cool and trendy).

Haight Ashbury – While the area has it’s pitfalls, such as a lot of kids asking for money while wearing expensive shoes – there are still lots of great vintage shops and some great restaurants and cafes – it’s certainly worth spending some time warning around. Amobea records is fantastic and music lovers could spend days in that place and nothing says Haight Ashbury like having a cone of Ben & Jerry’s.

Gorgeous as heck.

2 May

If there’s a blog with more fashionable folks than us, I’ve never heard of it.

Here’s the official photo of us participating in this year’s Bowl for Kids Sake!

(L-R: Sylvia, Amy, Joel, Sarah, Leah)