The Bee’s Knees: Adam Lisagor

19 May

Adam Lisagor, or Lonely Sandwich, is a pretty big hero of ours.

One of the members of the You Look Nice Today podcast, co-creator of Put This On, and the person behind the best product videos ever, he’s a man of many talents.

I mean, check out these videos:




Amazing, right?

So we were absolutely thrilled when Adam agreed to an interview. Adam is hilarious (even–or especially?–when he’s making fun of us). Please take a read, and make sure you’re following him on Twitter. And you can find out more about him on his site

How did you get into making the best product videos in the world?

It turns out it’s really all about the product. I’m someone who gets really excited about a good product, and I use my skills as a filmmaker and my tendency to share experience through storytelling to serve that product. The first time I made one of these videos, I did so because I was excited about my own product. Then, other people making good products started asking me to get excited about their good products, and it turned out I was able to apply the same skills as I’d applied to my own product. Now, I have lots of fun working with great people and great products.

What are your favourite blogs?

I gave up RSS about two years ago because my reader had dominated my life like only email should. So I get all my blog content through the Tumblr Dashboard and Twitter now, and I trust that two things will happen: interesting things will be filtered down and make their way to one of those channels, or people doing interesting blogs will publish through Tumblr. It’s a leap, since there’s still a whole lot of interesting blog content not coming in through Tumblr (stuff like, of which I’m a huge fan), but I find that treating Tumblr as my gateway turns out to be a great way to attenuate the glut of timesucking reading material out there on the web.

My one exception is Daring Fireball. I go every day and enter the URL in my browser, just like we used to do in the early aughts. Because Gruber’s writing must be experienced through the medium of his site.

To what extent do you credit your beard for your success?

90%. No, 91%.

Our blog has a theme song. Do you agree that all good blogs should have a theme song?

No. No, I don’t agree with that statement. But I’m truly glad you enjoy yours.

What is your favourite food, and why?

Shabu Shabu is my favorite. And my favorite place for shabu shabu is Shabu Shabu House in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. I encourage you to look it up if you’re unfamiliar with the cuisine (translated as “swish swish” in Japanese), and make your way to the nearest shabu shabu establishment in your area. Why? It’s fun to eat. And tasty, too!

If you had to choose between having one large testicle the size of a grapefruit OR 25 tiny testicles the size of berries, which would you choose?

That question makes me want to barf, and I’m not weak of constitution. The idea of a sack of 25 small testicles literally makes me want to barf.

What’s your favourite website?

What do you think just needs to stop?

Podcasts longer than 45 minutes. I’ll be honest—I’m not sure whether this applies to your show [Ed. Note: It doesn’t]. And I don’t even listen to podcasts because I work from home and I need all my focus while I work. But I find it rather obscene that podcast publishers demand the span of attention of their listeners on a regular basis. Brevity being the soul of a good podcast, and all. Come on, p’casters. Tighten that shit up already. To do otherwise is lazy.

What do you think is the bee’s knees?

Bob’s Burgers makes me unintentionally produce a tone in my laughter that I identify as being good for the soul.

Photo by Flickr user Alex Erde.


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