Happy Birthday Sarah!

12 May

Today is the birthday of Sarah Carver.

Almost a year ago Sarah and I met. We became friends almost instantly (well, I told her after knowing her for about two days that we were going to be friends one day. She eventually relented).

Soon after, Sarah met Amy and Sylvia, and the four of us became the wacky team you know today.

And, today, we wish Sarah the most fabulous of birthdays ever. She deserves it.

If you don’t know Sarah well, you’re missing out. She’s hilarious, witty, incredibly smart, and an amazingly caring and supportive friend. When you need help, Sarah’s got your back. When you’re in a good mood, Sarah’s in a good mood with you. She’s the kind of friend that people talk about when they talk about that friend of theirs that’s always around to help. Always there when you need them.

In tribute to Sarah, please watch her two favourite YouTube clips. Have a laugh, and raise a glass (later on today. It’s probably too early right now) to Sarah Carver, the best friend a person could have.


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