Freddie for Top Thumbcat

20 Apr

Cravendale Milk captured our attention with their amazing commercial “Cats with Thumbs”. The commercial brings to light a very special breed of cat, the Polydactyl.

As you already know This Needs to Stop has a beloved Polydactyl of their own, Freddie. Freddie is a bit unique in his polydactyli appearance in that he has not one but two extra thumbs on each paw.

Freddie in his Cravendale photo.

Freddie has not let this slow him down. In fact he has allowed this gift to propel him to international fame.

Freddie submitted his video and picture to Cravendale in hopes of winning the title of Top Cat with Thumbs.

Given that he is only 11 months old Freddie could only cross his thumbs and hope someone would notice him. Lucky for him they did.

Freddie secured his place as a week 2 finalist and is now in the running for the overall title of Top Thumbcat. Please help Freddie achieve his dreams by voting for him and sharing his story with your friends.

To vote Freddie for best cat with thumbs click here:

And once you’ve voted, be sure to check out Freddie’s sweet moves in his YouTube video.


One Response to “Freddie for Top Thumbcat”

  1. alison April 21, 2011 at 1:06 pm #

    Found your site b/c of the mention in Lainey Gossip today. And when I saw Freddie’s giant paws on that tiny body, I couldn’t resist voting for him. Good luck!

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