Knut the Eisbar

22 Mar

One day a couple of years ago I found myself googling “cute baby animals” and stumbled across a video of an adorable baby polar bear. At the time I didn’t know anything about him and I found myself looking into who this little Eisbar (polar bear in German) was. As it turned out it was Knut, the beloved polar bear from the Berlin Zoo.

The song from the video (see below) was ingrained in my mind and in only two minutes and eleven seconds he had won my heart.

When I learned on Saturday that Knut had died an overwhelming sadness swept over me. I thought of my childhood and the moment I saw my first polar bears at the Vancouver Aquarium. I loved how enormous yet graceful they were, and I could have watched them play for hours.

So I started reading more about Knut’s life to gain some closure. And rather than sit here and cry I’d like

Knut enjoys a fresh croissant.

to share some funny facts about our favourite little polar bear.

Knut’s mom was a cougar. Not the animal kind, but you know. A cougar. Tosca (a former circus performer) was 20 years old when she mated with Lars – aged 13.

Knut is half Canadian! Lars, Knut’s father was born in Canada and later moved to Munich – where he met Tosca.

Despite being known for being a fish-eater, Knut’s favourite treat was the croissant. I’m sure if he ever got the chance to make it back to Canada he would have stopped by Two if By Sea Cafe to enjoy a croissant with his dad.

Knut is a plus-size model. Setting a great example for big boned bears everywhere, Knut graced the cover of Vanity Fair weighing in at more than 286 lbs.

So there you have it. Some fun facts on our favourite bear who will sincerely be missed by all. Check out the video of Knut that started the love affair.


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