The Bee’s Knees: The Foggy Goggle

21 Mar

By Joel

The Foggy Goggle in Halifax, NS, is our favourite bar in the city. They have amazing food (with tons of veggie/vegan options), hilarious and helpful staff, delicious drinks (try the T-Bone: cider with half a shot of Jack Daniel’s and half a shot of Fireball mixed in… Incredible), and a comfy and cool atmosphere. Really, it’s pretty tough to beat.

The Goggle is also the official bar of If we need to meet up somewhere, or we’re all going for drinks on the weekend, we go to the Goggle. Sometimes we’ll think about going somewhere else, but then we’ll realize that we’d spend the whole time just wishing we’d gone to the Goggle instead.

The Foggy Goggle is, without a doubt, the Bee’s Knees.

They just celebrated three years in business yesterday, so we asked the owners, Julie and Natalie, to answer some of our questions:

First, happy third birthday! How did the Goggle get started?
Thanks! The Goggle was created to fill a void in our social lives. Nat and I used to eat and drink out a lot, but we couldn’t find a spot that suited both of our needs. Nat’s a vegetarian and I love my meat. I love craft beers and Nat prefers cider or wine. We both love the feeling of a casual pub, but dislike the greasy deep fried food that often goes with it, so we decided to open our own.

What things in Halifax (business, person, anything) do you think are the Bee’s Knees?
DEE DEE’S ICE CREAM! (homemade waffle cone with raspberry sorbet on the bottom and chocolate on top) We have both been addicted to this for years and we used to drive out to Peggy’s Cove once a week to get our fix but now they have a location on Cornwallis.

What do you think needs to stop?
Both of us hate sweeping up hundreds of cigarette butts a week from the sidewalks…put them in the ashtray litterbugs!

Other than your fabulous establishment, what’s your favourite place to eat in Halifax?
We look for any excuse to have a “business” lunch at The Elephant’s Eye or dinner at Da Maurizio

If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be?
This was a tough for for both of us to answer honestly because it shows how shallow we are… but we went with our celebrity crushes: Matthew Gray Gubler for me (Dr. Ried on Criminal Minds) and Paul Simon for Nat (a crush she’s had since she was a kid)

What’s your drink of choice?
Nine out of ten times you’ll find me drinking a Tiara (Guinness layered on top of Mystic cider in a Pilsner glass) and Nat likes to have a Momosa before she starts cooking.

By popular demand: What’s the secret to the vegan bowl’s deliciousness?
Love (and Nat’s morning momosa)

Thanks so much Julie and Natalie!

So do yourself a favour and stop by the Goggle (1667 Argyle St. in Halifax). You won’t regret it. They also offer catering and have played fantastic host to so many cool events in Halifax.


6 Responses to “The Bee’s Knees: The Foggy Goggle”

  1. Darrin Searancke March 21, 2011 at 10:41 am #

    I do have to agree. The Foggy Goggle is certainly one bar in Halifax that consistently provides great food & service. Friendly helpful staff in a relaxed comfortable atmosphere!

  2. Kim B. March 21, 2011 at 11:34 am #

    I’ll make it a point to head there next time I’m in the mood for a night on the town. I have been there for lunch, once, about two years ago and it was delicious!


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