Britney Spears Weave Woes

15 Mar

Since “Baby One More Time” hit the airwaves we have been die hard fans of Britney. Even when critics hated on her in Crossroads, we stood by Britney and vowed to watch every time it played on Much Music ( which we might add is a significant commitment).

Then as all of you already know, Britney hit a rough patch. Her horrible breakup with Justin Timberlake sent her on a downward spiral. A shotgun wedding to Jason Alexander ( not of Seinfeld fame) and then her marriage to backup dancer Kevin Federline only proved to Britney that the void left in her heart from Justin could never be filled.

Brit-Brit hit rock bottom when she famously when into a barber shop and shaved her head. Although we were concerned we stood by Britney knowing that this just couldn’t be it for her.

As time has passed Britney has gotten her act together. The road hasn’t been easy but she’s fought her way back into the hearts of her fans. The one thing she’s neglected to do throughout this time of rebuilding is fire her hairstylist.


Britney graces the cover of Glamour Magazine with her fabulous and extension filled hair.













Britney was always known for her fabulous blonde locks. Obviously hair extensions came into play at some point which is fine, but post-shaved head Britney has truly struggled in getting her hair back to an envy-worthy point.

This needs to stop. Whether it’s Papa Spears dishing out a bit more cash to the weave fund, or visiting the set of America’s Next Top Model for a makeover Britney must seek uber-professional help to bring her hair back from the dead.

Or perhaps the secret lies in Justin Timberlake. Maybe now that he’s back on the market the reunion of the century can take place. A happy heart = happy hair!





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