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This Needs to Stop – Valentines Day Edition

14 Feb

It has come to our attention that people have been greeting each other on this day of love with “Happy VD Day!” Really? Really? I’m pretty sure that having a happy VD day is about as likely as having a happy period.

In our busy world we abbreviate almost everything. But today for just one minute.. put down your smartphone and tell the person ( or reasonable facsimile) that you love them using full length words.

So to special days that have been reduced to two letter words. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!

The Bee’s Knees – Internets Joel Kelly

11 Feb

It seems like just yesterday I showed up for my first day at a new job, I was promptly told two things – your co-worker Joel is out sick today, he has food poisoning (I still think it’s weird that a vegan would get food poisoning), and you should know, Joel is kind of a big deal on the internet. Naturally, the first thing I did once given a laptop and a desk, I googled Joel, turns out he is the biggest of deals.

Over the coming months I came to learn a lot of other things about Joel, the following is just a few of the things that a) make Joel not only a great friend & co-worker or b) things I am going to miss not seeing him daily

1) the joint bank account for coffee

2) all the interesting stories, videos, info that Joel finds on the internet (thanks for gabe & max, and a gallon of PCP)

3) his willingness to listen to all my yuppie problems

4) reading savage love aloud each thursday, despite our co-worker’s protests

5) running errands at lunch time (it would be safe to assume that most co-workers would part ways at noon hour if they have errands to do, but luckily Joel and I insist on completing these tasks as a team)

6) he introduced me to some lovely ladies, including my fellow RA members and he has the greatest girlfriend, Leah, who i am now lucky enough to call my friend

7) he hates when I eat bananas

8) he is a vegan but never gives me grief about my very non-vegan ways

9) he notices when I get new clothes or a haircut

10) the use of interesting terms and expressions such as but not limited to; work boner, don’t comb your hair – you’re not going to be in the picture, standing around with your cock in your hand, reacharound, and shitting it down.

These are just a few of the things that make Joel the Bee’s Knees, and despite my sadness at losing my work husband, we at TNTs are thrilled, excited and proud of Joel and his exciting new opportunity. And don’t worry folks, Joel will still be an active member of the RA and contributor on TNTs.

Today in Music History – Lil’ Twiz Is Born

11 Feb

February 11th 1990, Lil’ Twiz was born in Vancouver BC and was a long awaited addition to the Creamer household. A joyful baby, named after a cabbage patch doll, Lil Twiz’ always had a love for music.

1994 was the year that changed everything for Lil’ Twiz. The Lion King came into theatres with an epic soundtrack from Elton John. She memorized every song and pretended to be a lion for the next 4 years while performing each act to perfection. Finally giving up on the dream of marrying Scar (The Evil Lion) her love turned to the Spice Girls where she one first place in a lip syncing contest for her performance as Baby Spice.

At age 13 Lil’ Twiz finally got her break and recorded a 3 song demo with the hit heard all across Bedford, “Get your ass on the dance floor”.

Left to Right: "Luke", Lil' Twiz, Big Twiz

Then one star crossed afternoon on the ferry to Prince Edward Island, Lil Twiz and her sister encountered Chris Carmack (aka Luke from The OC.)

Both girls were too shy to approach The OC stud so their Dad went over and broke the ice. Turns out Luke was a big fan of hip hop music and had some profound advice to give the young budding star. “Get a grill. All awesome rappers have grills.”

Since then her life has never been the same.

So Happy Birthday Lil’ Twiz!!! We think you’re The Bees Knees!!

Breaking News: Justin Bieber and Katy Perry are the same person!

10 Feb

This Needs To Stop has been alerted to some insider information: Katy Perry and Justin Bieber are actually the same person. At first glance, this may not seem to be the case. She’s very evidently female. He (we think) is a boy. But there, the differences end.

Behold the similarities:

Katy Perry is a Proactiv spokesperson.

Justin Bieber is a Proactiv spokesperson.

Katy Perry has a nail polish line with OPI.

The Biebs has a nail polish line with OPI.

They both have an affinity for sunglasses with brightly coloured frames.

And they both sound like little girls.

Justy Perber, we’re onto you.

A new plea to Joe Zee – Saving Lauren Conrad

7 Feb

It was announced that Lauren Conrad’s new show being filmed for MTV has been scrapped. MTV didn’t feel that the show in it’s existing state would please audiences as it focused on Lauren’s career as a newbie fashion designer. Conrad felt that by keeping the camera’s out of her personal life, she could focus on sharing her passion with the world and offer more to her viewers than her latest boy-drama.

Unfortunately both Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port of Hills fame have suffered a similar fate. Whitney started her own fashion line and captured it on MTV’s The City. Just as her line was ramping up, the show was dropped. Rumour had it that MTV found it too boring. Not enough boozing and drama to keep the show going.

If someone were smart they would be jumping at the opportunity to pick up Lauren Conrad’s show. The girl is a best selling author, and successful designer. People obviously care about what she does. Young girls today need great role models. Role models who will make them dream about working hard and becoming successful in their own right instead of aspiring to live the life of a bar star whose 15 minutes of fame will be gone as soon as the latest US Weekly hits newstands.

This leads me to my next plea to Joe Zee. Help save Lauren Conrad’s show. Help the Sundance Channel become the place that allows reality tv to spread beyond the trash, and gets viewers inspired by the personalities we’ve grown to love. MTV may not think their viewers are intelligent enough to bring in ratings, but they’ve created a star in Lauren Conrad. Where she goes, we will follow.

It’s World Nutella Day!

5 Feb

Today we must thank the blogger world for banding together and creating World Nutella Day. Two bloggers Ms Adventures in Italy and Bleeding Espresso started World Nutella Day in 2007 to celebrate their favorite Mom approved chocolate hazelnut spread.

We at TNTs have excitedly jumped on this bandwagon, because who doesn’t love Nutella? No one. Even those who can’t eat it look longingly at that package, spoon in hand, single tear dripping down their faces. They love the idea of Nutella.

Nutella has broken down the stereotype that condiments belong on something. Downing a spoonful of ketchup makes you look like a weirdo. Eating a scoop of peanut-butter makes people think you’re a crazy person. But diving spoon first into a jar full of Nutella is encouraged by all.

Even as a kid if your parents caught you with a Nutella covered face, they would grab a spoonful and join in on the fun. (Cue Full House family moment music.)

So today as we celebrate World Nutella Day, we would also like to thank Pietro Ferrero of Italy for being nutty enough to take condiments where no man had ever taken condiments before.

For your Saturday enjoyment, our favourite Nutella recipe from the kitchen of Amy:

Baby Nutella Croissants:


1 jar of Nutella
1 package of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls


Unroll the crescent rolls
Place a spoonful of Nutella in the middle of each
Roll and bake according to the crescent roll package directions
Eat the rest of the Nutella with a spoon

To learn more about World Nutella day visit

Two Hours Traffic takes over The Office

3 Feb

Just a friendly reminder to all TNTs readers that you should tune into tonight’s episode of The Office, not just for the laughs but to catch some sweet THT tunes. Word on the street is that tonight’s episode will feature “Better sorry than safe”, very exciting stuff, but THT is no stranger to this sort of thing, having been featured on the OC (back when it was in its hay day) and on Gossip Girl! So make sure to watch(and listen) – turn up the tv really loud and be on the listen for this song.

Happy Birthday Lauren Conrad!!

1 Feb

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LC!! Our favourite girl from Laguna Beach was born 25 fabulous years ago today. 

In her action packed 25 years on earth she has smooched Brody Jenner AND Steven Colletti, starred in both Laguna Beach and The Hills and started an incredibly successful fashion line with Kohls. Oh yeah, and she’s a best selling author as well. Oh yea. And she has the best hair in LA.

A recent poll shows that 100% of the cast of This Needs to Stop would be Lauren Conrad if they had to be anyone else on Earth (Ed. Note: I don’t remember saying this — Joel). So with that, we wish Lauren Conrad the very best of birthdays. Thank you for being a breath of fresh air in the mayhem that is Hollywood. You’re doing it right.

xoxo TNTs