The Bee’s Knees – Internets Joel Kelly

11 Feb

It seems like just yesterday I showed up for my first day at a new job, I was promptly told two things – your co-worker Joel is out sick today, he has food poisoning (I still think it’s weird that a vegan would get food poisoning), and you should know, Joel is kind of a big deal on the internet. Naturally, the first thing I did once given a laptop and a desk, I googled Joel, turns out he is the biggest of deals.

Over the coming months I came to learn a lot of other things about Joel, the following is just a few of the things that a) make Joel not only a great friend & co-worker or b) things I am going to miss not seeing him daily

1) the joint bank account for coffee

2) all the interesting stories, videos, info that Joel finds on the internet (thanks for gabe & max, and a gallon of PCP)

3) his willingness to listen to all my yuppie problems

4) reading savage love aloud each thursday, despite our co-worker’s protests

5) running errands at lunch time (it would be safe to assume that most co-workers would part ways at noon hour if they have errands to do, but luckily Joel and I insist on completing these tasks as a team)

6) he introduced me to some lovely ladies, including my fellow RA members and he has the greatest girlfriend, Leah, who i am now lucky enough to call my friend

7) he hates when I eat bananas

8) he is a vegan but never gives me grief about my very non-vegan ways

9) he notices when I get new clothes or a haircut

10) the use of interesting terms and expressions such as but not limited to; work boner, don’t comb your hair – you’re not going to be in the picture, standing around with your cock in your hand, reacharound, and shitting it down.

These are just a few of the things that make Joel the Bee’s Knees, and despite my sadness at losing my work husband, we at TNTs are thrilled, excited and proud of Joel and his exciting new opportunity. And don’t worry folks, Joel will still be an active member of the RA and contributor on TNTs.


One Response to “The Bee’s Knees – Internets Joel Kelly”

  1. This Needs to Stop February 11, 2011 at 10:59 am #

    Sarah, this is seriously the nicest thing ever. Totally teared up a bit. Thank you! Will miss you terribly, too.

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