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The Most Wonderful Day of the Year – Oscar Night

27 Feb

It’s time to dust off my fake Oscar because tonight is his night. 

Tonight the cast of This Needs to Stop will be gathering with our fans to check out the red carpet, and then the most important night in award show season. The Oscars. Who will the big winners be tonight? We can’t wait to find out!

Recently Sylvia had the pleasure of chatting with Adam from The Unknown Studio for their Oscar special podcast. Check out the interview here at the 1:05 mark.

Stay tuned over the next couple of days for our intimate look at The Oscars.




25 Feb

On a recent trip to the local grocer, we came across this sign advertising “Celebrity Goat Cheese”. A quick google search has lead us to believe that this is in fact false advertising as there are no living famous goats we could come across who would be producing such a product.

Sure you’ve got the Billy Goats Gruff, but they are fictitious and therefore unable to produce the necessary resources to produce goat cheese.

You’ve also got William Windsor. A goat who served as lance corporal in the 1st Battalion, the Royal Welsh, an infantry battalion of the British Army. Yes. A GOAT. Served in the army. Fear not. He has since retired and I’m sure has some maids brushing his beard each night. Regardless. Famous army goats would never agree to make cheese.

Left - William Windsor

So you’re left with only two options
1) This is a huge farce and people are being charged $7.99 for a large log of Celebrity Goats Cheese that they’ve been duped into believeing is William Windsors OR

2) Kelly Clarkson has hit the jackpot. Kelly Clarkson you say? WELL turns out the former American Idol winner received a goat for Christmas. Given that record sales aren’t what they used to be she

Left - Billy Joel Right - Kelly Clarkson

figured she would exploit her new bearded friend and convince him that he could enter the world of fame through peoples bellies. Being the sucker that we can only assume he is, he agreed. And now his logs are being sold at a premium price. I’ll put money on the fact that that cash isn’t going to his college savings fund.

Internet’s Joel Kelly marks a quarter century

24 Feb

February is just full of birthdays for the TNTs crew. First Mr B turned the big 4 (which is 28 in dog years) and now our own Joel Kelly is turning the big 25 (if it makes you feel better Joel, you are younger then Mr B). So how does the internet’s hippest vegan celebrate his birthday…
1. He goes to work (because the internet doesn’t stop for anyone
2. He enjoys lunch at the Goggle with the lovely ladies of TNTs and his even lovelier girlfriend – Leah
3. He orders their cheapest bottle of wine
4. He demands presents
5. He will read two weeks worth of Savage Love in a very special public reading today @ 12:30pm at the Goggle

In honour of Internet’s Joel Kelly hitting the big quarter century, here is a video of his favourite song. Just remove the “ne” from Jolene and sing along. He likes it especially if you sing this song to or at him for extended periods. Just the chorus. Over and over. If you are fortunate enough to spot Internet’s Joel Kelly today, in lieu of Happy Birthday, he prefers to be serenaded Dolly Parton style. (Fast forward to the 35-second mark to skip the hillbilly preamble and get right to the goods)

Freddie – The David Suzuki of Cats

23 Feb

Freddie is seen here sporting a stylish snuggie.

If there is one thing we love more than the inside scoop here at TNTs it’s animals. Extra points if the animal is wearing an outfit or doing something cool.

So today we bring you Freddie, The David Suzuki of cats. Freddie is a 9 month old orange tabby with quite a few tricks up his furry little sleeves. Not only does he have the longest tail searchable on the internet, he also has an abundance of thumbs on both his front and back paws. Freddie’s loves include rats on ropes, bananas, and saving the planet.

Last night, just like every other Tuesday night, we sat down to watch Glee. I will admit there were quite a few lights on in our apartment at the time, but Freddie being particularly “eco-friendly” was getting rather ticked. After ignoring several of his cries, he took matters into his own paws. Freddie targeted the one light switch in our home that controls not only the lamp, but the TV. Double jeopardy.


22 Feb

Just last week the gang at TNTs was crushed when we learned that recent recipient of The Bees Knees Frankie Muniz was thrust back into the limelight during an alleged altercation with his girlfriend.

Then today we learned some shocking news. Lo Bosworth (of The Hills Fame) was on Chelsea Lately promoting her new book and being generally adorable, when she inadvertently may have outted our beloved JTT (featured in Januarys post “Fall From Grace”). She also seems to think he lives in Silverlake California. If Lo was actually reading our blog she would know he is living in Hollywood North and therefore she’s going to need to head on up to Vancouver to get to the bottom of this.

Anyway, you can check out how this all shakes down at the 4:40 mark. 75% of the cast at TNTs hopes that this isn’t true. We can’t risk our hearts shattering into a million pieces thinking of all the time that was wasted smooching pictures of him in Teen Beat.

However, if JTT does prefer the company of men we’d LOVE to set him up with Jonathan Knight of NKOTB fame. Their teen idol status would make them the ultimate power couple.

But after these two stories unveil themselves we must ask, is it any coincidence that two former stars that we’ve recently covered were suddenly brought back to the forefront only to have person details of their lives exposed? A wise person once said to me. “Twice is a coincidence, three times is a hex.”

Searching for Randall Kennedy

21 Feb

Last week it was brought to our attention that Halifax Magazine had done an article on acclaimed elevator inspector Randall Kennedy titled “The Guy Behind the Signature”. To our surprise Randall Kennedy is a name everyone knows, yet very few speak of. But once this floodgate was opened we were a tad jealous we didn’t break the story first.

While we applaud Halifax Magazine for finding the Santa Claus of elevators.. we just have so many more questions to ask him.

So in an effort to bring to light one of Halifax’s most elusive figures, I sent Randall an email.

Now I must admit that in writing the email, I was caught up in a moment of excitement. It was not my finest piece of writing, nor least creepy. But the damage is done and it’s sitting in his in-box waiting to be read and hopefully not marked as spam.

So I share with you, the highly embarrassing letter to Randall Kennedy, elevator inspector extraordinaire.

We hope that Randall will find it in his heart to chat with us at TNTs and answer some of the questions that have been going up and down in our minds.

Good Afternoon Mr. Kennedy,

I’m writing to you after reading a recent article in Halifax Magazine “The Man Behind the Signature”. Your name has been engrained in my mind since I moved to Nova Scotia as a kid. I remember taking the elevator to ballet classes in Sunnyside Mall and seeing your neatly signed name on the wall.

Myself along with 3 other Haligonias have a pop culture blog titled “This Needs to Stop” ( with a feature called “The Bees Knees”. We would love to feature you and was curious if you had the time to answer a couple of questions! (We can send them via email if you’d like!)
Thank you for your time,

Gossip Girl Flow Chart Time

20 Feb

**Spoiler Alert!** This episode of the RA discusses feminine hygiene products. That being said, I suggest you tune in to be sure you aren’t getting the wool pulled over your eyes by the female in your life who appears to have a particulary active…flow. You were warned.

As if you didn’t already know the cast of Gossip Girl is extremely incestuous. Viewers of The Reacharound were having a tough time keeping up so to keep the viewers happy, we took some time out of our busy Saturday to sit down and plot out exactly what has gone down thus far.

We also explore the confusing jargon surrounding the legal world, who is coming back to the show next week, and who will be the next one to add another complicated line to the flow chart.

Yours in gossip,

The RA

The Bee’s Knees : the animals of TNTs

18 Feb

I think it is safe to say that we here at TNTs are bananas for our pets (and some of our pets are bonkers for bananas). Our furry little beasts bring us a lot of joy and sometimes even a Valentine or two. Because they put up with a lot from us, and are patient with us as we try to force them into party hats, bee costumes and snuggies – we think they are the Bee’s Knees.

And today one of the animals of TNTs is celebrating his 4th birthday – so in honour of his special day enjoy this video.

Happy Birthday Mr. B

Updated: The Bee’s Knees: Frankie Muniz

16 Feb

How cool? SO cool.

Update: Well this is awkward. Frankie, I thought we had a deal. You were going to keep being awesome and we were going to talk about you a lot and try to keep you famous. And then you go and allegedly put a gun to your head and allegedly punch your girlfriend. In the head.

Dude, that’s not the Cody way. We didn’t want to do this, Frankie, but it looks like we’re going to have to take a break from our adoration. I mean, right now it’s your word against hers, and everything is “alleged” but it’s still not right for us to be spreading the gospel of Muniz while all this unpleasantness is going on.

So, get it together. Just think: WWCBD? Would Cody Banks do what you did? No, Cody Banks would get nervous around her because she’s a girl but then he’d gain some confidence and end up charming her through his awkward, boyish ways.

He wouldn’t punch her in the head, that’s for sure.

(Note: Frankie we already discussed a fail proof way for stars to get back in the limelight, sex tapes)

Original entry, posted Feb. 3rd, 2011:

Hollywood has a short memory. Whether this is fuelled by the public’s fickleness, or vice versa, we don’t know, but we do know that sometimes some of our greatest entertainers can be forgotten. A star that once brought us to tears in the made-for-TV movie To Dance with Olivia, a star that warmed our hearts in Dr. Dolittle 2. A star that at one time was considered “one of Hollywood’s most bankable teens”.

If I say the words, “We spend $10 million training this kid and we didn’t teach him how to talk to women?!” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

What about: “Name’s Banks. Cody Banks.”

Are you with me yet? That’s right, Frankie Muniz, film actor, race car driver, and class act.

Do you remember him? What if I told you that he is actually as smart and  cool as the characters he played? What if I told you that both Malcolm (of “in the Middle” fame) and Agent Cody Banks were based on Muniz himself? What if I told you that he wrote and directed almost every scene he was in?

Would you not be impressed?

Don’t let the fact that those things aren’t true stop you from repeating them as if they were. Frankie Muniz came into our hearts and made us laugh, made us cry, and sometimes, only sometimes, made us wonder if there was a god, and if so, would he or she be as cool as Frankie? I know who I’m praying to, tonight. If I get a new pony and a rich husband, you now know of one god out there who actually listens.

So, here’s how we can get Muniz back in the spotlight: When someone is driving really fast, make sure you say, “whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down, Frankie!”

When someone is being super cool, say, “nice going, Cody.”

And finally, when someone says something really smart, say, “way to be in the middle, Malcolm!”

Because he has made us laugh, cry, and ponder, and because he retired before the age of 20 and now spends his time behind the wheel of a racecar, Frankie is the Bee’s Knees.

The Bees Knees: Jared Keeso on Hellcats

15 Feb

Since High School Musical has left our lives, the Tis has been able to fill the void left in our hearts by starring in the CW’s smash hit Hellcats.

Hellcats chronicles the journey of cheerleaders from all walks of life as they make their way through College in the deep south.

In this weeks episode our talented friend Jared Keeso plays firefighter Luke, who catches the eye of a cheerleader named Alice… could this be a long-term romance? Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Jared Keeso as "Luke" in the CW's Hellcats. Click the image to check out the preview for this weeks show.

You can catch this weeks episode of Hellcats on your local TV station on Tuesday February 15th, or on MuchMusic on Friday February 18th!

So once again Jared Keeso, your friends at This Needs to Stop! think you’re the Bees Knees!