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The Bees Knees: Bruce Jenner

16 Jan

You may know Bruce Jenner as the Olympic athlete who won the hearts of Americans when he reclaimed the decathlon gold medal in the 1976 Montreal Olympics. This moment in sports history changed the status of athletes from amateurs to superstars overnight. After becoming the face of Wheaties, Bruce knew his life would never be the same. Continue reading


Bob Saget and RA heartache

13 Jan

The RA was thrilled to learn that the one and only Mr. Bob Saget would be making a quick visit to Hali. What could be more exciting on a cold winter night then the comedy stylings of Danny Tanner? A photo of the RA with Bob, that’s what. We tweeted and we tweeted but alas we were unable to arrange a meet and greet. Bob, all we wanted was a quick reacharound.

I think important lessons were learned by all RA members today, first we need to be more aware of celebrities visiting our casino (this sort of thing would never have happened to Perez) and second Bob’s twitter handler is not bringing much to table. Bob if you are looking for a new social media consultant may I suggest you hire the RA???

This episode was filmed in front of a live studio audience

6 Jan

Reacharound Episode 8 from Joel Kelly on Vimeo.

** This episode of The Reacharound was filmed in front of a live studio audience**

Spotted. The kids from The Reacharound back on the couch celebrating all the joyous things in the world. An episode of Gossip Girl free from the wrath of Jenny and Vanessa’s awful hair extensions. Oh and also the holidays.

The lovely other halves of The Reacharound joined us in studio to spread some holiday cheer, give us juicy gossip on Lily Bass and provide their thoughts on marriage.

We also address where all the hot girls will be. Where you ask? Better watch to find out.

xoxo The Reacharound