The Bees Knees: Celebrity Sex Tapes

25 Jan

Let’s just take a moment and try to imagine what life might be like if celebrities didn’t make sex tapes. The career’s of celebs like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian were launched due to their talents with videocamera and some bad lighting. Pam and Tommy Lee were caught on camera and used this to sell records, who doesn’t remember that catchy little number “Get Naked” by Methods of Mayhem. And if a sex tape is good enough for former Senator and Presidential candiate John Edwards, then who are we to ask questions? I mean sure we all wonder why celebrities keep taping their sexual encounters and act surprised when they make their way to the internet. But isn’t that just it, they are only “acting” surprised, do you think former child star Dustin Diamond wasn’t thrilled to be back in the spotlight when his 2006 sex tape was released? Disgraced figure skating star Tonya Harding wasn’t satisfied with internet only success when handling the release of her tape and decided to sell it to Penthouse.

The list goes on and on, it seems that celebrity sex tapes are the new headshot. Looking for work in Hollywood, make a sex tape. Career isn’t going as well as you had hoped, make a sex tape. Because celebrity sex tapes make or revive the careers of so many, and bring joy to our lives – they are this week’s Bees Knees.

Now enjoy some Methods of Mayhem 


3 Responses to “The Bees Knees: Celebrity Sex Tapes”

  1. Shelby Kennedy January 25, 2011 at 9:26 pm #

    I totally agree! Celebrity sex tapes are really cool. They’re excellent role models for today’s impresionable youth. Kim Kardashian’s sex tape was totally the best! This blog is totally rad, I think you guys are the real bees knees. 😀 Where’s your sex tape? (PS can haz tikketz to Oscar parteh? kthxbai)

  2. Jodi January 25, 2011 at 11:18 pm #

    Pretty sad that the way to make it in hollywood is to have your sex tape “accidentally” released. Now what about Dustin Diamond..???


  1. Updated: The Bee’s Knees: Frankie Muniz « This Needs to Stop - February 17, 2011

    […] (Note: Frankie we already discussed a fail proof way for stars to get back in the limelight, sex tapes) […]

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